The Pharox 300 Flame: The Warmest LED Light Bulb Available

Pharox Flame LED Light Bulb Replacement
Pharox 300 Warm Led Light Bulb
Pharox 300 Warm Led Light Bulb

The Pharox 300 Flame is the warmest LED light bulb I’ve tested. It’s been in a desk lamp in my living room — it gives off a pleasing yellow glow (a 3000 kelvin output). The Pharox’s light quality is very good. Unlike CFLs, this bulb contains no mercury it emits no UV radiation. Typically, quality household lights tend to have the Color Rendering Index (CRI) between 80 and 100. The Pharox has a CRI of 85.

Pharox Flame LED Light Bulb Replacement
Pharox Flame LED Light Bulb Replacement

The Pharox Flame outputs 336 lumen, and runs on 6 watts of power. Lemnis says the Pharox is equivalent to a 35W to 60W incandescent equivalent (depending on the lamp or fixture). This light also represents a kind of price breakthrough for LED bulbs — it sells for $24.99 from the manufacturer, Lemnis Lighting.

Lasting six times longer than a CFL and 35 times longer than an incandescent, the Pharox 300 LED light bulb should last 25 years if used four hours daily.

Here’s a comparison chart:

The Pharox 300 Flame Bulb is available from Amazon.

Website: Lemnis Lighting

4 thoughts on “The Pharox 300 Flame: The Warmest LED Light Bulb Available”

  1. Thanks for posting this article on the amazing Pharox 300 LED bulb. Finally an affordable LED bulb, no excuses now 😉

    A super exciting update for all those waiting for an even brighter LED bulb… The PHAROX 400. will be the first to offer the Pharox 400, a 75W incandescent replacement bulb. Check out all the specs and details here,

  2. While it’s cool somebody is doing things with LED lighting, I can see Pharox is falling into the same “equivalent to” marketing that CFLs have; that is to say, “our bulb is equivalent to their bulb” if equivalent means 30% less light. Given that a 40 watt incandescent is 465 lumens and this is 335, this could only be considered equivalent to anything bigger than a 35 watt bulb if the other bulb is wrapped in duct tape.

  3. I have these in my kitchen. The fixture uses three bulbs and are down-facing. Three 6 watt Pharox 300 bulbs replaced three 60 watt incandescents. The light output is as good or better considering the color is whiter (i.e. has a higher kelvin rating) than the traditional incandescent and that all of the light output is used to illuminate the kitchen table vs. the incandescents, where lumens are scattered in all directions, rendering some of the light useless. I can definitely say that he Pharox has outdone itself in this situation.

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