Non-Toxic Sippy Cups

Group-shot-2005-kids.jpgThese cups by SIGG are Swiss designed and are a bit different from regular sippy cups. They have a totally inert inner lining that won’t leach chemicals. This is important because kid’s cups receive a lot of washing and wear and tear, thus the plastic inside degrades quite a bit.

The cups are extruded from a single piece of pure (99.5%) aluminum. The liner is a food grade, water-based resin that is sprayed and baked on to the bottle.

The liner has undergone extensive tests in Switzerland and Germany. It does not leach Bisphenol-A or other potential toxins. It contains no petroleum products, and exceeds all associated FDA requirements for food liners.

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  1. Ok first of all aluminum IS NOT non- toxic! Just because something says FDA approved or non- toxic does not mean it is Safe for your child. I have done a lot of research and if you do the right research you will find that as well. For starters the FDA just barely outlawed BPA in baby bottles when if should have been done a long time ago. PVC, Phahaltes, polycarbonate, nitrosimine are highly toxic as well as BPA. Why are these so called green and natural product companies purchasing items and giving work to china ???? Don’t they realize the carbon footprint it causes to transport from far away countries??? Not to mention a lot of stuff that comesfrom china has been a danger to children for various reasons. Do your research and write your senator to get this stopped. Research it!

  2. Thanks for the great article. There’s a lot of helpful information in there. I just wanted to let you and others know about a new product I came across. They are called Bevibags. They are completely BPA free. They are disposable drink bags, that you fill yourself. It enables you to fill the bag with whatever you want, instead of having to buy prefilled juice boxes. I can now mix water with whatever juice I want to give my kids and not have to worry about them getting all that sugar from store bought juice boxes. The best part is that they are disposable. No washing, no cleaning. Just use it and throw them away. I found them at

  3. I bought three of these for my daughter. She’s now 10 months and can’t really pull water out of the bottles. we’ve tried for a few months and we’ve decided that we are going to have to use the traditional plastic sippy cups until our daughter can pull water out of these Siig cups. I am comfortable writing that calling these cups “Sippy Cups” is misleading.

    Good luck!

  4. Pure Aluminum Bottles by SIGG

    If you are looking for a drink container which has a completely inert lining, you might try SIGG Bottles from Switzerland. These bottles are extruded from a single piece of pure (99.5%) of aluminum. They are strong, lightweight, and do…

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