Centrifugal Clothes Dryer: Spin-X


Drying clothes with centrifugal force is efficient and quick. The centrifugal dryer Spin-X rotates at 3300 RPM (revolutions per minute) — using 1420 G forces. Most washing machines only spin at 500 RPM.

The dryer removes a quart of water from clothes using the same amount of energy a regular clothes dryer uses in the first 15 seconds of operation. In other words, the dryer uses 25WHr for a 3 minute spin.

The Spin-X dryer holds 10 lbs. of wet clothes per load.

It’s available from Amazon for $685.

11 thoughts on “Centrifugal Clothes Dryer: Spin-X”

  1. Mine broke after only 1.5 years use. I am single and only use it 2 or 3 times a week at the most. The basket inside seems to have gone off balance or something. I was always careful to to pack too much in, too. Kind of dissapointed for the money, though, it was nice while it worked.

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  3. If the clothes are unbalanced, the inner tub just hits against the inside of the outer wall, it doesn’t harm anything.

    They are not silent, but not all that loud either, plus it only takes a few minutes per cycle.

  4. I have owned a Spinx dryer since 1989 and they are the best . My drying time is almost dry once out of the spinx and it is very elementary to use and WILL NOT HAVE A BALANCE ISSUE!! As a owner I hve had people come back and tell me how happy they are once they own one.

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  6. While a typical spin speed of 1000 rpm applies to the front loader, it is closer to 500 rpm for the typical top loader. The Spin-X does the job as described. It is easier to balance when you pack the clothes down leaving few air pockets. This is easier to achieve when you have many small items rather than fewer (or just one) large items. I do that by packing the heavier items underneath and the synthetics or lighter items up top. The Spin-X is easy to run without problems (you don’t need to think much or pack it very hard), but it will make more noise (can be louder than a noisy vacuum cleaner–fortunately the sound is low pitched) if less attention is paid to balancing. A well balanced load is relatively quiet, like a blow dryer. The clothes will not wrinkle if you shake it out to hang dry quite soon, but no guarantees if left for longer, depending on the material. For very wet loads like my cloth diapers, I give it a two three-minute sessions spins and they dry in 30% to 40% of the time. Putting your laundry through the spinner is an extra step, so think about this if you are the lazy type. My spin dryer improves my life because I hate regular dryers.

  7. Lars Kellogg-Stedman

    I just spent the weekend looking at washers and dryers. It appears that most washing machines actually spin somewhat faster than stated in the article — most everything we saw had a spin cycle of around 1000 RPM.

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