The Best Kid’s Trailer Bikes

The Best Trailer Bike For Kids

Want to bring your child along on an extended bike ride? One easy way is to use a trailer bike — it’s a one-wheeled bike extension that attaches to the back of your bike. Your smaller companion can then assist you with pedaling, while you control the steering and speed. If  your child gets tired, they can just stop pedaling and relax. Another advantages, is that your child becomes familiar with the process of riding a bike. Trailer bike usually include adjustable handlebars and seats to accommodate your child as they grow.

Originally, trailer bikes were introduced into the market by the Adams company in the 1980s. They were marketed under the name “trail-a-bike”, and this is their trademarked term.

Here’s our round-up the trailer bikes available this year:

Weehoo I-Go Trailer Bike

Weehoo Weehoo I-Go Trailer Bike
Weehoo Weehoo I-Go Trailer Bike

The Weehoo I-Go is similar to a recumbent bike and allows the child to ride in safety and comfort with the opportunity to pedal. This would be a great option for long rides, especially if your child tends to fall asleep easy. The seat slides forward and back, adjusting as your child grows from ages 2-9. It includes a 3-point harness system, grips for extra leverage while pedaling, and panniers for storage space. Based in the U.S., Weehoo is available at many bikes shops across North America, retailing for $389.

The Weehoo I-Go is available at Amazon.


Adam’s Original Trail-A-Bike

Adam’s is the original maker of the trailer bike, and Adam’s Trail-A-Bikes still get good reviews from Amazon buyers. The company offers seven different models, including a tandem trailer. They are made with quality components, and they fold for storage in a car or home. The company claims that their trailers fold smaller than any other (see details here). This trailer accommodates riders up to 85 pounds, and it is recommended for ages 4 to 6 years old.

The Original Trail-A-Bike is available from Amazon for $140-$200.

Burley Piccolo Trailer Bike

The Piccolo trailer by Burley features a few nice features not found on the trailers from Schwinn and Instep. It has a seven gears, and it attaches to the bike using Burley’s patented ball-bearing guided hitch.

The hitch sits perpendicular to the ground, which help the Piccolo handling performance. The Piccolo comes with the storage rack shown in the photos, but unlike the other trailer bikes this one does not fold. It sells for about $275.

If your child is too inexperienced for shifting gears, you might want to consider the Burley Kazoo.


Morgan Cycle Caboose Trailer Bike

The Morgan Cycle Caboose Trailer is a two-wheeled trailer which is aimed at inexperienced or special needs riders. The two wheels give extra support while riding, and the trailer’s chain is completely enclosed to protect the rider’s legs. The Caboose Trailer also includes padded spring seat, and a luggage rack.

It’s available here on Amazon for about $250.

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