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Hot Electric ScootersWhat are the hottest electric scooters out there? Today, one of the most popular models currently is the eGO-2 Cycle which combines the best features of a bike and an electric scooter. The eGO can be used as a bicycle but has all the equipment of a scooter, including headlights, turn signals, brakes and throttle. With aluminum silver-plated chassis it goes 25mph while climbing hills, and it weighs less than 120 lbs. The eGO retails for around $1400. Another hot scooter is the Ikoo. It has a 600W motor that generates good acceleration. The cruising range is 15-18 miles, and the charge time is 4-6 hours from a flat battery, 1-2 hours from a partial charge. The frame is made of a stainless steel alloy, and the wheels have dual disk brakes. The standard model price for this scooter is under $1000.

Ikoo Scooter and eGo Scooter

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  1. The eGo2 is popular and does sell well. There is lots of advice freely available on the web from owners containing reviews and upgrade/repair advice. Many of these people have logged over 1000 miles on their bikes. The same cannot be said for the Ikoo. The only thing demonstrably hot about this scooter is it’s marketing. Ever since it was announced more than two years ago I have been searching for the web for a report/review/critique by someone who has bought one. I have yet to find such a thing. What I do find is Ikoo’s own literature in a few different forms widely circulated. Including here. Twice. Kudos for keeping us up to date on what is neat and new, but should there be some minimal standard for “hot?” I suggest, in addition to the eGo2, checking out the eMax and the Oxygen electric scooters. Both are hot in my opinion and, best of all, more substance than hype.

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