Efficient: Wool Carpets by Nature’s Carpet

Wool Carpets by Nature's CarpetWool carpeting is excellent: it’s durable, stain resistant, and completely biodegradable. It has a high initial cost, but the quality of the material justifies the investment.

Nature’s Carpet offers all wool carpets. They only buy wool clipped from sheep raised where no herbicides or pesticides are used. The fiber is tested regularly for purity. The wool is washed, spun and made into carpet without the use of any synthetic chemicals. No moth proofing is used.

Two mills in Denmark and one in Australia produce the carpets during special runs. In preparation, the factories remove the chemicals they ordinarily use (primarily synthetic latex) and scrub away any residue. Nature’s Carpet uses only genuine, natural latex to bind the wool face to natural jute backing. The price is $37.69 – $64.29 per square yard.

Available from: Environmental Home Center.

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