Faucet Restrictors/Aerators

Have you ever spent time at the sink, judiciously adjusting the hot and cold water, to achieve that happy medium between “cold” and “scalding hot”? Well, we’ve been there too — and we’ve noticed that water streams down the sink in a meta-inefficient manner.

That’s why these faucet restrictors are so handy. They attach like a regular faucet aerator but the have an additional feature — a handle to turn the water off and on. Once you get the temperature right in the faucet, you can use the faucet restrictor to adjust the flow or shut the water off. They also save water because they use only 1.5-2.5 GPM (gallons per minute).

The online store Good Common Sense has selection of these inexpensive aeators. The aerator shown above is from Real Goods.

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  1. If you turn the shower at the faucet, you will have a problem. If your hot water pressure and cold water pressure are not exactly the same, there will be flow. Cold water flowing into your hot water heater? Is this efficient?

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