Corelle: Durable and Inexpensive

corelle squareCorelle dinnerware is efficient because it is highly durable — it doesn’t break, and the designs on the plates cannot be scratched by knives. Corelle is actually made out of glass, but it is created like a sandwich with a glass core that’s thermally bonded to an outer glass glaze. The lamination creates a finished product that is much stronger than its individual components. Corelle has been around since the 1970s, and they’ve just released a new Square collection, designed by Studio Levien of London. It’s available from Amazon for $42.99 (16 piece set).

corelle.jpgOther Corelle dinnerware is available from Target or eBay.

2 thoughts on “Corelle: Durable and Inexpensive”

  1. Corelle is my favorite brand. I decorated dining table in my house with corelle timber shadows dinnerware sets from, which can be used for bake, serve & store.

  2. I LOVE Corelle. It is lightweight and stacks easily, taking up very little room. Most sets of dishes are heavy and bulky. We got a set for our wedding 17 years ago and they are still doing a great job.

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