Carfree Cities: Where Are They?

Carfree CitiesInterested in knowing where you can find places free of cars? There’s an extensive list of carfree places around the world, available now on the Wikipedia. There’s also a book about Carfree Citites available. Here’s our review:

Imagine life in a city free from the noise, stench, and danger of cars, trucks, and buses. Imagine that all basic needs, from groceries to child care, lie within a five-minute walk of every doorstep. Imagine that no commute takes more than 35 minutes from door to door, and that service is provided by a fast, cheap, safe, comfortable public transport system. This is the future that J.H. Crawford envisions in Carfree Cities.

clover.gifCrawford argues unapologetically that the car is a technology that has run wild, and that the time has come to reclaim city streets for human activities.

He proposes a city planned to maximize the quality of life for individuals and communities, and gives practical suggestions for implementing this basic design in both new and existing cities. He examines Venice as an example of a modern city that runs quite well with very few cars.

By rejecting the assumption that continued car use in cities is inevitable, Crawford takes us a step closer to the tantalizing possibility of a return to the pattern of lively, attractive streets that we had enjoyed for thousands of years, until the advent of automobiles.

The book is available from Amazon.

Website: Carfree Cities.

3 thoughts on “Carfree Cities: Where Are They?”

  1. Brad,

    The argument is for carfree cities — not the total elimination of cars. But to answer your question, you could use clean cars or trains outside the city for transportation outside the cities.


  2. Isn’t it a bit unrealistic to promote car-free cities? What about places where mass transit isn’t realistic? How do you deliver goods from farms without cars?

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