California School Goes 60% Solar Powered

solar school

Wow, this school gets 60% of its power from solar energy. The Monterey Ridge Elementary school is the newest in a growing list of solar powered schools in San Diego Country. It has more than 20,000 square feet of solar panels blanketing the hillside behind the campus. Principal Rebecca Wardlow says the system is an essential teaching tool at the school. She says: “We get questions all the time about the solar panels. The kids have been absolutely fascinated by them and its something parents are very intrigued by they want to know how much energy we’re producing and using.” Wardlow admits the system was expensive: the price tag is $1.5 million. The district is paying $900,000 of that amount, and a state rebate covers the rest. Poway Unified won’t recoup the expenses for another 15 years. The expensive project is a major reason why other school districts are reluctant to go solar. But Wardlow believes it’s all worth it for her school. The campus is using clean, renewable energy instead of producing tons of carbon dioxide. :: Via KPBS News

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