Bidet Seats: More Efficient Than Toilet Paper

Bidets are those devices that spray water (and sometimes air) on your posterior. They are more hygienic than toilet paper, and save you money in the long run. In Japan, high-tech bidets called Washlets are now the most popular electronic equipment being sold — 60% of households have them installed. In Venezuela they are found in approximately 90% of households.

You can actually install a “bidet seat” quite easily, in place of your existing toilet seat. Bidet seats attach to the existing water supply through a double adapter and a hose. Some seats are quite elaborate, featuring jets of heated air, remote controls and various water massage settings.

A Bidet Seat In Use

A while back, we recommended Terry Love’s toilet reviews. He also hosts a good overview of bidets (but no reviews unfortunately). He does recommend the Toto Chloe and the Biobidet however (see this short reply to a reader).

I’ve used a very basic Bidet Seat for a year now and it works fine.

There’s also hand-held travel bidets available, and some people prefer to use these at home too.

There’s also a book on bidets available — it explains the advantages of a bidet in detail and has many shopping tips.

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  3. I didn’t realize that getting a bidet seat installed is actually easy. I’ve been looking at getting a bidet for my home, but I thought it would be too had to have put in. I’d definitely be willing to get one if it is easy to have installed.

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  5. I can honestly say that it’s the single best home improvement I’ve ever made.
    Reasons why there’s a need of Bidet Toilet Seat :-

    A bidet seat will help you feel clean all day.
    A good quality bidet seat with an “enema mode” can really help when you’re constipated.
    If you have hemorrhoids, you’ll welcome the warm, gentle spray of a bidet seat.
    Cleaning up after sex just got easier.
    Women will feel fresher during their periods.
    Save toilet paper, and the environment.
    Say goodbye to the cold toilet seat on winter mornings.
    No more loud noise from a closing seats.

  6. I’d say it’s a matter of personal preference. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it but that’s just me. I couldn’t say I could avoid the flinch. I don’t like being sprayed with anything in the middle of the night either. And the hanging cloth towel or wipe for drying? Not cool.

  7. Appreciate this educational post about bidets! Our bidets are premium hand-held sprayers, much like Jennie Manners explains in her comment above. They are easy to use, simple to install, and can take on a variety of uses outside the obvious. Ours currently run $50 and under. Take a look at our products: and feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook ~~ We love live-chatting and answering any questions! and

  8. I’ve been using the bumgun bidet sprayer for about 4 years now. I love it. Since I found the bum gun my life has changed dramatically. The bidet sprayer is so much more comfortable and hygienic. I have also used the bidet seats but find the hand held bidet sprayer much easier to use, get better direction, and can control the strength of the water jet better. Plus I use it to clean the bathroom. I even use it to clean my dog in the bath. He loves the bum gun.
    You can find them here:

  9. Yes I have one and like it. But I prefer the regular bidet for more than just a rinse
    I keep small hand towel nearby. Easy when its just the two of you or live by yourself
    Yes luv the warm seat for cold weather. I keep it low. Im thin and NOT cold tolerant
    I keep furnace low so the warm seat helps
    Otherwise in warm weather keep seat temp off and rinse water temp low or off

    1. When you consider how much water goes into making a roll of toilet paper, around 37 gallons, the bidet sprayer is a fantastic alternative. And remember a roll lasts most people about 3 days. Imagine how many squirts you can get for 37 gallons. No comparison!! Then take into account the trees cut down and chemicals used in making toilet paper. The bumgun bidet sprayer is a no brainer!

  10. yay!! you’re the only other person i know who expresses this Justin! I lovethose japanese toilets (ok partly because in cold mornings you can preset the seat to warm up, not that eco i know but mmmm aiiight w/me) but those bidet arms are amazing. TOTO is king! i just hope that soon they have a second retractable arm with a blowdryer so jym can keep his pants dry

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