Bags Made With 95% Recycled Material

I’ve been testing a new line of bags called Terraclime by Lowepro. I was impressed by the fact that 95% of the material used to make these bags is recycled content. The fabric is made with recycled PET bottles (i.e. post-consumer plastic). The hooks and zippers are made from plastic salvaged from the factory floor, and reground.

Terraclime bags are available in four sizes — the smallest pouch (shown above) is designed to accommodate a phone or point-and-shoot camera, while the largest model is more like a shoulder bag and includes a padded equipment wrap for items as large as a digital SLR camera (shown at the top of the page).

I like the attention to detail in the design of these bags: they feature nice interior cushioning, and the nifty hooks on the exterior.

They are available from Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Bags Made With 95% Recycled Material”

  1. Plastic salvaged from factory floors are actually still as good as the virgin grade plastics. They are just known as Offgrade because they do not qualify as virgin due to the dust.

    Usually they will recompound the materials with masterbatch or coloring agents to produce the zippers and hooks. During this process, there will be a mesh filter in place to trap the dirt.

    So the hooks and zippers are in fact as good as they are made from virgin grade plastics.

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