Air Jet Showerhead: A High-Powered Water Saver

AirJet Showerhead: A Low-Flow Vacuum Showerhead
AirJet Showerhead: A Low-Flow Vacuum Showerhead
AirJet Showerhead: A Low-Flow High-Powered Showerhead

I’ve been testing the Air Jet showerhead, and so far I’ve been impressed. This is low-flow showerhead, but it creates a high pressure shower experience using simple physics. The showerhead draws in air, and the air is compressed and mixed into the water. As the air moves top the showerhead, it expands and the shower water slows down. This, in combination with the Venturi Effect, creates an explosive air expansion, and thus a high-pressure shower using only about 2 gallons per minute (7.6L/min).

Overall, this looks to be a great showerhead. I wish the construction felt a bit more solid in the hand, but appearance-wise, it looks good with a nice silver finish.

Exact specs: AirJet manufacturer says 2.0 is maximum GPM at 80 PSI, and it is 1.5 GPM flow rate at 45 PSI while maintaining a high pressure.

You can see more details about the showerhead here.

Available from WellGreenLife.

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  1. I have had 3 of the air jet shower heads and all 3 broke within a week or 2 soan. It started to shoot water out of the air hole on the top, them started to shoot out water at such a high preasure that it hurt. Worst showerhead i have ever owned.

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