LED Lights: Efficient Indoor Growing

Cannabis plants under grow lights

LED grow lights are a good choice if you are interested in growing indoors without a lot of hassle. Traditional grow lights generate a lot of heat and use large amounts of electricity, which raises your monthly electric bill by noticeable amounts. These LED grow lights stay cool, and use only a minuscule amount of energy.

Each “SolarOasis Ruby Grow Light” uses less than 2 watts of power. They are designed and optimized for plant growth, not human vision. They produce only red and blue light which the plants can use. See more details on this page. The LED lighting strip seen here is available from LEDTronics for $159.95.

There are also some more powerful and expensive LEDs available at LEDGrowLights.COM and on their eBay Store.

12 thoughts on “LED Lights: Efficient Indoor Growing”

  1. Hi. I just bought a grow light for my FLF. Do I need to gradually build up how much time the light is on? I know FLFs are finnicky and this is my first one. I know mine needs more light, but I don’t want to overdo it.

  2. They say that LED lights are really the best form of lighting that any grower can use for indoor growing. But if you do not have a huge hydroponics budget to cover for the equipment expenses, I think it would be more appropriate to use the other ones to save some cost while still being able to grow valuable crops.

  3. This is very interesting to say the least. Just think that at some point not very long ago people thought that growing indoors was not possible and now we have these super efficient sources working. I’d can’t wait to see how far this technology goes.

  4. These just don’t make sense in most environments. If the daylight hours in your area are too short to successfully grow plants indoors near windows, then the outdoor temperature is probably too cold to grow those same plants. The fact that a fluorescent grow light puts out some heat is actually a good thing, because it is creating that heat and light combination with 100% efficiency. This is one of the things that keeps my only 90% efficient furnace from turning on in the winter time.

  5. Don’t waste your money, folks. The 5mm LEDs used in the above products are insufficient for growing. At around 30% efficiency they are actually far less efficient than CFLs.

    You will need to use high output LEDs in order to achieve the necessary efficiency (70-80%), and targeted spectrum growing becomes viable.

    have a look at www dot greenpinelane dot com and see real LED grow lights being tested by someone who is not trying to sell you anything. No commercial interest, just interest.

  6. I have thought about picking some LED’s up, but they are still prohibitively expensive. The new t-5’s will cover more area with less heat. NASA thinks they have potential, so I am still excited about improvements in the field of LED’s.

  7. Press Release: 10/15/2005 Bend OR,

    “All Grow Lights Are Not Created Equal”

    Finally, indoor gardening enthusiasts can erase heat from their formula, by adding new
    LED Grow-Master Advanced Growth Arrays to their garden.

    Emitting 100% Plant-Absorbed-Light, LED Grow-Master Gro-Bars use a patented blend
    of LEDs, to produce only colors of light that plants need to grow.

    Costing up to $135.00 per month to operate, high-wattage HID lighting systems produce
    only 25% visible light, the rest is invisible heat, and only ½ an HIDs visible light is actually
    absorbed by plants and used for photosynthesis.

    “Plant Specific Lighting has much more to offer,” says Jonathan Cardinale, CEO of LED
    Grow-Master Global. “Eliminating wasted light (Green/Yellow) and heat (Infra-Red) make
    LED Grow-Master Gro-Bars the most efficient plant lighting systems on the market today,
    with 90% electrical savings, an 98% less heat, eliminating the need for large exaust fans.”

    No Mercury, No Glass, No UV, and 7-10 years rated life make LED Grow-Master Lighting
    Systems the “Greenest” horticultural lighting available, facing the world’s energy crunch
    head-on, with efficiency.

    Low voltage UL listed power supplies, and advance circuitry make these systems safe for
    kids and pets, opening the doors to classrooms, and home gardeners.

    Using a patented and patent pending blend of LED colors designed and engineered by

    Easy to hang, and move LED Grow-Master Plant Lighting Systems allow for maximum
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