Transefficient: Porous Pavers

porous_150.jpgPorous pavers are permeable replacements for concrete or other hard surfaces.

They reduce rain water runoff by 90% thus avoiding erosion. Less pollution reaches the waterways because the rain water penetrates the underlying ground more effectively.

Porous Pavement

Permeable pavement is slightly different — it looks like concrete but is structured to be porous so that rain water seeps through it. See this previous pavement site for more information.

More about Porous Pavers.

3 thoughts on “Transefficient: Porous Pavers”

  1. How can we get pricing for the pourous pavers for a driveway? We’re building in Colorado, and need some alternatives. You may reach me at 512-585-5822. Thank you. Brenda Rhea

  2. Méabh Fitzpatrick

    You can’t begin to imagine how excited I am to find your website. I have been living as lightly on the earth as possible (bad back) since the early 80s. These pavers sound fantastic. My only concern is how they would fare in places with hard winters… like Vermont.

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