Largest Modular Green Roof Installed: 2.3 Acres


The largest modular green roo, has been installed on top of the new “Court at Upper Providence” shopping center in Pennsylvania. The 2.3 acres green roof was constructed with GreenGrid modules. These modules are made with recycled plastic, and they contain small but hardly plants like sedums.

The lightweight modules are then delivered to the facility, where they are laid out on top of the roof. As many as 4,000 square feet can be installed in one day.


The developers wanted to minimize the building’s impact on the surrounding watershed which has become a problem for sewer systems in the area. The occupants of the building will also benefit from potential energy savings during hot summer months when the GreenGrid system keeps the roof cooler than exposed roof surface.

Historically, forested areas such as Upper Providence could naturally absorb storm water runoff after a rainfall event. However, as these areas are covered with buildings, streets, and shopping centers, the runoff must be piped into sewer systems, many of which are ill-equipped to treat the contaminated runoff.

There’s a book about green roofs around the world.

Via: Weston Press Release

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