Efficient Use Of Solar LED Bricks

Looks good! It’s a large-scale installation of Solar LED bricks. I couldn’t identify the location, but the bricks are Meteor Solar LED pavers. Solar bricks are self-contained — during they day they charge via the sun, and turn on automatically at night.

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  2. For Australian customers: If you are interested in purchasing these solar LED lights and you live in Australia, we have the entire line of products on our website.

    The lights shown above do not have corrosive agents and the components are 90% recyclable. The lights last an average 8 to 10 years and are fully sustainable. We have tested these lights and others for over a year.
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  3. Check us out also! We’ve been up to this for many years, and we’re using Ultra-Capacitor (Clean Energy) based energy storage instead of batteries. The installation in your picture places hundreds of units with corrosive agents into the ground. SolarPath has engineered products that integrate Photovoltaics/LED/Capacitor technologies, that’s three sustainable technologies, in one piece. Feel free to be in touch! http://www.solarpathusa.com

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