China’s Huge Self-Sustaining Solar LED Wall


It’s called the GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall, and with 2,292 individual color LEDs, comparable to a 24,000 sq. ft. monitor screen, it’s said to be the largest color LED display in the world. The wall is solar-powered too — photovoltaics are integrated into the wall’s glass curtain, and it harvests power during the day, to illuminate the display at night.


Designed by, Simone Giostra & Partners Architects, the GreenPix wall is part of the Xicui Entertainment Complex in Beijing, near the site of the 2008 Olympics.

The polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are laminated within the glass of the curtain wall and placed with changing density on the entire building’s skin. The density pattern increases building’s performance, allowing natural light when required by interior program, while reducing heat gain and transforming excessive solar radiation into energy for the media wall.



The building will open to the public in June 2008, with a specially commissioned program of video installations and live performances by artists.

More photos here.

10 thoughts on “China’s Huge Self-Sustaining Solar LED Wall”

  1. great walls
    but a very huge investment cost
    i wonder if they only harness this solar energy for this dramatic look
    or they even use it for some power source to meets the power requiments

    but either ways the walls are fantastic

  2. Wow, that’s an amazing idea. I mean, it’s probably ridiculously expensive and a terrible eyesore, but I do like the idea of it not being connected to their grid. I can’t wait until people have their whole house lighted by LEDs for a handful of watts.

  3. In one generation they have a LED wall, at this rate the U.S will be sending people to China to learn 21st century technology . We are still working on 620hp., 9mpg ‘Vetts with our research money and they’ve got mass-produced 50mpg econo-boxes running their streets every day! How did we get so far behind in one generation? Remember fearing the starving yellow hoards? Well, now their agriculture has improved so much they sell us food! WTF happened?

    1. “the polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are laminated within the glass … while reducing heat gain and transforming excessive solar radiation into energy for the media wall” – well John, it’s not what like it seems to be.

  4. Wonderful ‘renewable public relations’ pre-Olympics performance of Chinese authorities, even though, they open more than one big coal power plant with huge CO2 and other green gas emissions, every single week there.
    I hope, they are going to replace those coal power plants by solar panels, however low chances for this replacement are, in near future.

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