The Bardessono Inn: 93% Of Construction Waste Reused

Bardessono Inn Green Hotel

In Napa Valley, the newly opened Bardessono Inn and Spa is perhaps the greenest luxury hotel in the country. There are several innovative features that make Bardessono a model for green builders. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that 93 percent of the Bardessono’s construction waste was recycled — an unusally high amount. Materials like wood, steel and paper which would normally be trashed were reused in the construction of the Inn.

The owner, Phil Sherburne, ensured that everyone involved in the project was actively reusing materials. In an interview with SF Gate, Sherburne said:

In separating all the refuse and taking the time to work with recyclers, it caused everyone to keep a cleaner job site. Not only does that lead to fewer injuries, but it fosters a level of attention that becomes an ethic on the property.

The Bardessono also features computer-controlled external shades on the windows. These shades open and close automatically to regulate temperature in the rooms. Sherburne had to go to Germany to find the shades, and hardware and software had to be developed, controls had to be manufactured in China.

In addition, the Bardessono has no less than 82 geothermal wells, and there are 900 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. It is expected to receive a LEED platinum certification soon.

Via: SF Gate. Thanks to Chris Colin for the tip.

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