Apartment Tower To Feature Integrated Wind Turbines


This 42-story apartment tower, under construction at Elephant and Castle in London, will feature a roof with an array of integrated wind turbines. The three turbines are each nine meters in diameter and are design to provide power the building’s lighting systems.


The tower itself will be a green building, and the residents will save about 40% in energy costs, and the building is expect to receive an “excellent” rating from the EcoHomes certification system. The Castle House will have 310 apartments and retail units at the ground level.



Via Jetson Green and World Architecture News

2 thoughts on “Apartment Tower To Feature Integrated Wind Turbines”

  1. It’s time to re -name this part of London, let’s call it….
    The castle, the elephant and his electric razor !
    But seriously I feel this is a good start to some much needed improvements to this area.

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