Xtracycle: Efficient Bike Extender

Xtracycle is a 15-inch bike extender with dual racks. It turns standard bikes into practical transportation devices, capable of carrying sizable loads.

The inventor, Ross Evans, realized that by lengthening the wheelbase of an ordinary bike he could increase the portage capacity without significantly hindering handling. He arrived at a simple, elegant modification: Remove the rear wheel, bolt on a frame extension, lengthen the chain and rear brake cable, and reattach the wheel.

Xtracycle has come to market as the “Free Radical” which is sold for $329 at independent bike shops nationwide.

Here’s a review from ReadyMade magazine (PDF File), and here are some FAQs about the bike extender.

Website: Xtracycle

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  1. Scary photo. No helmet on the mother, or the child. If that bike/rider lands on it’s side, any concept of how much damage that wee one will be enduring?
    Gawd, the insanity of that photo.

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