World’s Brightest Single LED Flashlight: Neofab Legion II

Legion II

Update: There are now many other LED flashlights that exceed this one, see my article the Brightest LED Flashlights.

A triumph of careful thought, detailing and thorough testing, the Neofab Legion II is a new single LED flashlight that is said to produce a whopping 742 lumens. If accurate, this light will be the brightest single-LED in the world.

Reading through the details that its creator used in describing his R&D process, it’s clear that this was his baby. Much time was spent perfecting the multi-level control ring over the previous Spartanian II to make it smoother and cleaner. Teflon bearings were employed to ensure maximum smoothness. Left or right handed models allow you to control both on/off switching and leveling with your dominant thumb. A user-replaceable spring was also added. The circuit board is a a four-layer PCB and it’s paired with a 27 mm driver and .0007 ohm Vishay/Dale resistors.

The five-level flashlight offers an output of 98 lumens on its lowest setting and works up to the full 742 on #5. Using 3 18650 cells, the flashlight also offers an impressive run time of just over two hours.

Full Specs:

– Powerful, Precise, Reliable Driver. (0.007 ohm resistors from Vishay/Dale. )
-Current Up to 3000mA.
-Longer Runtime Than Any Competitor In The Class.
-Best Current Regulation At Any Level, Without Audible Noise.
-Reverse Voltage Protection
-5 Exponential Levels.
-Thumb Control Without Strain On The Wrist.
-Revolutionary UI, The Easiest Way To Level Up/Down.
-Quick Access to Any 2 Default Levels.
-Built-in Battery Gauge.
-Over-discharge protection.
-Built-in Battery Holder.
-Ultimate Thermal Management.
-Custom Hi-End Parts.

-B270 Multi-layer AR Coated Lens With 99.5% Transparence
-ALCOA 7075-T651
-CNC Machining
-TYPE III Hard Anodizing

2.9A(full distance)

Runtime with 3*Ultrafire unprotected 18650 cells:
2hours and 4 minutes.

Here’s some efficiency data from lab testing:


The Alcoa and stainless steel first edition was released earlier this week in a very limited 30-piece batch. The $295 may seem high, but purchase also comes with a VIP discount (90% off of future Neofab purchase). The second generation Legion II, a more machined aluminum version, will be a bit cheaper at $179. First batch is already over half gone. Legion II flashlights at CPF Marketplace.

20 thoughts on “World’s Brightest Single LED Flashlight: Neofab Legion II”

  1. For all you LED / FLASHLIGHT officianados, the inforamtion about this 742 lumen single LED being the brightest is far from true.
    I am currently supplying a light, single LED, rechargable with
    OVER 2200 LUMENS.

  2. Incredible light….love it….great feel, build, design…if I could afford it, there would be one in every room, and every car…Neo, thank you!!! Great feel, function, and brightness!!! The best!!!

  3. Neo-fab released the standard version right now. “The best beam shape in its class: both perfect throw and flood. Swappable Smooth / Orange Peel Reflector. Minimised Dark Cross.

    The best output ability in its class: 742 Lumens without any dimming.

    The most unique and faultless driver circuit: most efficient, longest runtime and most powerful.

    The best ergonomic UI.

    Most Powerful
    A flat regulated 742 Lumens output, which is unreachable for other single LED flashlights. Use Legion II to get a wall of light.

    Ultra Long Runtime
    Keep lighting your target for almost 3 hours * without dimming at all. Whenever you turn on this light, you will always get the brightest light. You can also choose to get 100 Lumens for 20 hours.


  4. Tom…

    iv purchased a few “900 lumen’ flashlights from deal extreme and i can tell you that compared with my fenix tk10 they are about the same in brightness. Don’t listen to manufacturers claims on kaidomain or dealextreme. If you really want to know ‘true’ lumen output, go to candlepower forums. But in saying that, i did purchase these few ‘900 lumen’ flashlights before i even considered the tk10 because they are better value.

    Just thinking about this light which should be at least double or nearly triple the light output of my fenix tk10 is awesome! i cant wait to get my hands on one, and also the design and the regulation is close to perfection for me 🙂

  5. Chris

    This guy has a genuine product. A genuinly awesome product.
    His lights are talked about in hushed tones on CPF and other forums. The people who discuss products like Neoseikans torch will easily tell if any specifications are wrong, and CandlePowerForum opinion is make or break for EVERY manufacturer, Nitecore just withdrew their latest product for minor tweaking rather than face the criticism.

  6. got me all excited about buying some neopfab legion 11 and emailed the guy and ready to take paypal like that..accomodating to the point of being suspicious of being another internet scam as wont take credit cards.
    I cant find reference or sold or resales..and the price is very low in comparison to others…the only references are on forums which can be manufactured..did you do your homework or? thanks chris

  7. I have bought one of the MTE SSC P7 flashlights from DealExtreme and I don’t think the output is much more than that of my Cree Q5-based, 205 lumen T20 OLIGHT. The build quality of the MTE is OK, but nothing to write home about.

    Can’t wait to see and test NEOFAB’s Legion II. I’m kinda demanding!


    1. Your nuts if you believe your DX light puts out anything close to this light! You have to understand how the Lumens are measured, DX is way over rated, if you stay in the flashlight world a little longer and do some research you will see how things are done. This light above is in a completely diff class than your DX light.

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