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Women's Dutch Bikes
Women's Dutch Bikes

An upright and relaxed ride. A single speed for effortless cruising. Peerless, artistic styling. What more could a girl want from a bike? If this sounds like you, check out these fabulous Dutch bikes that fit the description above. There’s sure to be a style (and price) that suits your taste.

Batavus BUB Women’s Dutch Bike

Batavus BUB bike
Women's Dutch Bikes: Batavus BUB bike

Inspired by the shape of a paper clip, the Batavus Bub Bicycle features a step-through frame, three speeds and a coaster brake. The upright ride allows for a more comfortable commute. The Commuter Bike Store describes this bike as the point where “minimalism meets maximum practicality” and calls it “a sculpture on wheels.” As a bonus, front and rear racks can be purchased, in case you need to carry anything while you’re cruising around town.

This bike is available from the Commuter Bike Store, in a variety of colors, for $599.99.

Breukelen Bike by Bowery Lane

Breukelen Bike by Bowery Lane
Women's Dutch Bikes: Breukelen Bike by Bowery Lane

The Dutch inspired Breukelen Bike is made right here in the USA, with American Steel and solar power, in New York City. Sustainable cork grips make this bike even greener. And the tan leather saddle and wooden crate — which holds two six packs — add vintage style in droves.

If you want to look good while you’re traveling, this bike is available from the Commuter Bike Store for $695. If you can pick it up in NYC, they manufacturers will give you $50.00 off!

Electra Women’s Amsterdam Girard 3 Bike

Electra Women's Amsterdam Girard 3
Women's Dutch Bikes: Electra Women's Amsterdam Girard 3

If you’re looking for a ride that is also a work of art, the Electra Women’s Amsterdam Girard 3, is the bike for you. Designed by folk artist Alexander Girard, this bike is make of a classic, steel, Dutch frame and features a low-maintenance 3-speed drivetrain that is easy to pedal. With a rear rack and pedal-powered headlight, this bike will get you home from work as safely as it got you there.

This Electra is available from Bob’s Bicycles for $749.99

Republic Plato Dutch Bike

Republic Plato Dutch Bike
Women's Dutch Bikes: Republic Plato Dutch Bike

For those ladies who don’t want just the average bike,The Republic Plato Dutch Bicycle allows the opportunity to create a totally customizable, upright ride, so that every girl gets the bike of her dreams.  Orange frame, red seat, black tires? Sure. White frame, tan seat, pink tires? No problem. With the Plato, you can express your style everywhere from the beach to the street.

For $399, Republic Bike gives you a bike that is, in their words “built by us and you.”

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