The Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes

Recently we featured men’s cruiser bicycles. Now let’s take a look at women’s cruiser bikes, which have become very popular in recent years. Nearly every major bike manufacturer now offers at least one cruiser model, if not an entire line. We feature some of the best looking bikes below, with an eye towards classic styling.

Top Rated – Schwinn Prestige Women’s Cruiser Bike

Currently the top-rated women’s cruiser bike on Amazon, the Schwinn Prestige is a seven-speed bike which sells for about $135, which is also the lowest priced bike featured here. Reviewer gave this bike an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and noted that it was easy to assemble.

The Schwinn Prestige Women’s Cruiser Bike is available on Amazon.


1950’s American Design – Nirve Women’s Cruiser Bicycle

Nirve Lahaina Women's Cruiser Bike

Nirve Paul Frank Beach Cruiser Bike

Nirve makes a range of women’s Cruiser Bicycles which are styled on 1950’s American cruiser designs. Their cruisers include flower-embossed double-spring saddles, handlebars Coaster brakes, full-length fenders, and stainless-steel spokes.

Pictured above are Nirve’s Lahaina Cocoa Butter Nirve Cruiser and the Paul Frank Cruiser.

Nirve’s cruiser range in price from $350 to $500. They are available from Amazon.

Dutch Style – Electra Women’s Cruiser Bicycles

Electra Super Deluxe Women's Cruiser Bike

The Electra company specializes in high-end cruiser bikes — and they have a great range of women’s models. Electra makes classic Dutch-styled bikes such as the Super Deluxe Cruiser (pictured above), and the Amsterdam Sports Custom model (pictured below). Note the built-in fenders and chain guards!

This style of bike is popular in cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Brussels. Electra combines this Dutch style with their Flat-Foot technology, which places the pedals farther forward of the saddle than most cruiser bikes. This allows full leg extension when pedaling, and also allows the rider to place both feet on the ground when stopped. The result is an very rideable, safe-feeling city bike, which is great for short trips around town.

Electra Amsterdam Sports Custom 3i Bicycle

The Electra Amsterdam models are priced from $700 to $800. They are available from REI.

Gypsy Electra: Girl's Cruiser Bicycle

Electra also makes a wide range of women’s Beach Cruisers, available in numerous colors of styles. Pictured here is the single-speed Gypsy Cruiser, which comes with a built-in basket.

Electra Cruisers range in price from $280 for their basic Cruisers, up to $600 for the Gypsy Cruiser. They are also available from REI.


Art in Motion – Felt Women’s Cruiser Bicycle

Felt Modjeska Women's Cruiser Bicycle

Felt Claire Cruiser Bike

Felt Bicycles are known for designing very appealing bikes — and their Women’s Cruiser Bikes are no exception. The Felt Claire (pictured in orange above) includes full-coverage fenders, extra wide aluminum rims, and springer saddles with embossing and piping.

Felt Cruisers are priced from $500 to $600.


20 thoughts on “The Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes”

  1. I’m an avid cyclist so it feels good to see many new people coming into the sport via funky cruisers… Welcome. If you really want a good rolling bike that’s good for more than a 2 mile cruise up the beach go with the giant compact symmetry carbon fiber road bike with some good wheels!

  2. It’s a shame that this article missed the number #1 custom crusier bike shop in the country! I bought a bike from them for my daughter to take to Texas A&M University. Not only is the bike custom made to your personal specifications but they will do very special things like pin striping, adding rhinestones or making a basket liner from cloth that your choose to your personal tastes!! She says that people comment on how great her bike looks almost every day. She just loves it and it’s an affordable, quality bike made in Dallas not China. Their website where you can design your own bike is . If you have a question just call them. the phone and email numbers are in the contact section. These are great bikes made by great people. Before buying your bike be sure to check them out first.

  3. I’ve got Felt Modjecka, the green one on the picture. The bike is awesome! It has 3 gears, by the way!
    I can even ride in a drees and wearing shoes with small hills.

    1. Hey! Just wanted to mention that you made that comment on my birthday! July 28th. I really love those cruisers! I just wish they had gears… I have lots of hills and stuff in my area so gears help…

      1. Oh I didn’t know that, I thaght i just type without something happen in the world lol, but damn its date match to your b-day, that day must be something to you Yasemin. My bday also falls in July but the date is 15th hmm I think Im older than you Yasemin, gald to hear that.

      2. Actually, many cruiser have gears. In fact, more expensive ones, (like the Electra bikes) have enclosed gears.

        I was at Target the other day and they had one cruiser style for Men and Women called Jaguar and it had gears. If I’m not mistaken, it was around $180.

        Also, if you want to see if a cruiser can handle a hill, some REI allow you to test drive their bikes.

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