Very Compact Ofuros (Japanese Baths)

Ofuros (Japanese Baths)Japanese soaking baths are built small but deep.

These compact “ofuro” will fit in just about anywhere — even the smallest apartment.

Diamond Spa makes the baths pictured here. We’ve no idea on the price, but the concept is good. If anyone knows where to get this style of tub at a reasonable price please let us know.

Compact Ofuro (Japanese Baths)

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    T. Oki Trading carries three brands of ofuro — MTI Whirlpool, Americh, and Takagi. He says the Takagi Japanese Style Bath Tub is a hot-selling item.

    “It’s a simple Japanese-made tub with a starting price of $785. It’s compact, lightweight and more than 25 inches deep, allowing a good, full-body soak … it’s made from FRP acrylic,” says Okimoto. Unlike the early ofuro, modern tubs are commonly made of synthetic materials such as acrylic, tile and stainless steel.

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