The Street Enlightened Electric Bicycle From IZip

iZip Street Electric Bike

The Street Enlightened electric bike from IZip is a good example of a “stealth” electric bike –the batteries are concealed inside the bike’s frame (in the down tube), and the DC motor is integrated into the rear wheel. You don’t have to mention this fact to your fellow cyclists! The bike has a three hour charge time and an electric-assisted range of 23 to 30 miles (38 – 48 Km) with normal pedaling. The battery pack contains twenty 1.2V NiHM (Nickle Metal Hydride) cells, delivering 24V total.

The iZip Street available from Walmart.Com (select “Electric Bikes”) and Amazon.

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8 thoughts on “The Street Enlightened Electric Bicycle From IZip”

  1. Do you know why this particular model is being offered right now at such a discount? Is the model being discontinued or something?
    Also for those of you that bought it, how do you like it?

  2. In reply to the comments about prices, I thought I’d mention that I recently found this Izip bike online at The Superkids website for $999, with free shipping. I ordered it at that price, and am now awaiting delivery. – Their stocks are apparently severely limited on deals like this one though. – But worth checking out their website.

  3. Hello ebike lovers

    If you are anything like me you want huge POWER & huge TORQUE!

    Here we have a system that offers both & fits almost all bikes available….48v 1000w (2000+w peak) is beyond what i could have thought possible for a bicycle.

    I mean 70kph is fast! and this ebike has the motor hooked upto the bikes chain and the rear 8 gears so the TORQUE is amazing at the least

    i have tried many 1000w hub motors and nothing has come even close to this ebike kit!

    the closest was a 60v 1800w hub which cost over $2500 to build and it was still not there

    there are pix available

    so checkout this obserd kit @ for information and to compare to what you have seen

  4. What is the expected retail price of this bike? This is a fantastic site whose newletter I look forward to every day. I am using the info to help my small town develop envirosolutions. My one criticism is that you don’t publish enough prices.

  5. Another great electric bike review from MetaEfficient.

    I was reading the reviews on Amazon and noticed how one buyer said that the NiMH batteries are usually good for about 500 charges.

    With the battery integrated into the frame, do you suppose it would be difficult to replace the batteries when they no longer hold a charge in 1-2 years?

    – Aaron Dalton,

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