The Best Low-Flow Toilets

Low-Flow ToiletEarly on, low-flow toilets got a bad rap — and justifiably so — their flushing ability left a lot to be desired. But today there are many low-flow toilets on the market that work well. Terry Love is a plumber who reviews low-flow toilets. He takes his job seriously, installing some of the toilets his own home were he can test them in “real world” situations. He lists toilets that work just fine in spite of the current standards which allow for a maximum water usage of 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF). He says his favorite toilet is the UltraMax by Toto. Toto calls this a “G-Max” toilet (model number is MS854114S). Overall, Toto seems to be the low-flush brand of choice. You can see all the reviews on this page: Terry Love’s Consumer Toilet Reports

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