The Best Electric Scooters

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e-Zip E750 Electric Scooter by Currie Technologies

This electric scooter, the e-Zip 750, is currently the top-rated electric scooter on Amazon, with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars from 69+ reviewers. It has a 12-mile range (depending on rider weight) and top speed of 15 miles per hour.

It’s available from Amazon for about $350. Note: this scooter is currently out of stock, but the e-Zip 450 is in stock.


Moped-Style Electic Scooters

Today, electric scooters or electric mopeds are just as powerful as their gasoline-powered counterparts, with the added advantage of being virtually silent, clean machines that can plug into a standard electrical socket to recharge. Typically, a charge will give you enough juice to travel 20-60 miles, depending on the scooter and battery system. Most scooter comes with lead-acid or nickle-metal hybrid (NiMH) batteries, but they can usually be upgraded to the more expensive lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter and last longer. A scooter’s top speed is usually limited or “governed” to 25-28 mph in the U.S. in order to be classified as a “moped”.

You can find a range of moped scooters on Amazon.


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  1. Need some help with an electric scooter. When I bought the unit new, it seemed to run fine for about 6 weeks. Then the original batteries failed. I replaced with four new ones (12V). Again, the scooter ran great. After about an hour of use, the charge ran out… I was only getting intermittent bursts of power…a few seconds at at time. I then recharged…..the same thing…..only intermittent momentary power. Thinking it was the charger, I replaced with a new one and recharged the batteries again. The same thing…..just momentary power…..nothing over a second or two. Anyone have a clue as to what’s causing this, and the cure? Thanks in advance.

  2. Nice page. I am into electric vehicles too and would like to open up adealership in Luxembourg. Europe one day. Especially for the ZAP products or the best lines from China, or both. My website above has nothin to do with scooters or “E-stuff”. Its a travel website for Thailand, a profitable hobby of mine. Hope to have my Evehicle dealership one day, but it aint gonna be easy.

    P.S: I have an idea to make range further…. switch to alternate battery when you are low = 2nd battery or smaller battery as reserve…. good idea? At least you wont be left somewhere w:o elecricity…. 🙂 Willem from Thailand.

  3. I purchased a veloteq two years ago and am very impressed. I average 50 miles per charge. Looking forward when the lead acid battery dies so I can replace it with the LiFePo4. This scooter is top of the line with cruise control, etc for around $1800 canadian.

  4. I just got back from China, where there are electric scooters EVERYWHERE. I talked to a rider who told me that the best brand of electric scooter is Phillips. These scooters cost around $500 in China. Lesser quality models run $300. I researched e-scooters online and found that most of the higher-power, higher-quality models available in the U.S. cost $2,000 plus. Where does the 400% mark-up come from? Does anyone export directly from China? Is there any way to buy a scooter directly in China and have it shipped to the U.S.?

  5. I belong to an informal scooter club, and many of us have acquired electric scooters in the last three years. The problem with a lot of the electric scooters I have seen is that they are manufactured in China or have significant running gear that is sourced from China. The quality of these components ranges from abysmal to atrocious. My girlfriend (who has two scooters – a honda silverwing gas scooter and an electric one – calls the chinese things “scrapooters”.

    Electric scooters are, in my opinion, overall the most efficient transport available for US suburban commuters – definitely worth it. But if you are buying a cheap-ass chinese made plastic scrapooter, PLEASE factor into your purchase calculations that it will be utterly disposable and major pieces will start to disintigrate/burnout/stop-working in about two years.

    I used to give them benefit of doubt but not any more. They are craptastic. Ride em, but don’t plan on keeping them for very long.

  6. Has anyone had any experience with any of the scooters distributed by the Green Scooter Store out of Gresham, OR.? They’re Chinese manufactured and under the name of “Interstate Auto Group, LLC”?

    I recently purchased one, and if anyone else has , would like to share our experiences both with the product, and with the distributor.

  7. Today, electric scooters or electric mopeds are just as powerful as their gasoline-powered counterparts, with the added advantage of being virtually silent, clean machines that can plug into a standard electrical socket to recharge. Typically, a charge will give you enough juice to travel 20-60 miles, depending on the scooter and battery system.

  8. Federal law states that a low powered electric bike is treated as a regular bicycle if it has a motor of less than 750W and it is incapable of propelling a 170 pound rider on flat ground BY ITSELF over 20 mph. The top speed of the Ezip Trailz by itself is no more than 18 mph so it meets the current law. You can pedal it faster if you like though I doubt the quoted 25 mph with light pedaling claim unless it was down a slight hill. Heck you can ride it at 4o mph down a BIG hill and as long as you’re not breaking the speed limit for that road you’re perfectly legal and it’s STILL A BIKE.


    16 CFR Part 1512

    Requirements for Low-Speed Electric Bicycles

    AGENCY: Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    ACTION: Final rule.


    SUMMARY: Public Law 107-319, 116 Stat. 2776 (the Act), enacted December
    4, 2002, subjects low-speed electric bicycles to the Commission’s
    existing regulations at 16 CFR part 1512 and 16 CFR 1500.18(a)(12) for
    bicycles that are solely human powered. For purposes of this
    requirement, the Act defines a low-speed electric bicycle as “a two-or
    three-wheeled vehicle with fully operable pedals and an electric motor
    of less than 750 watts (1 h.p.), whose maximum speed on a paved level
    surface, when powered solely by such a motor while ridden by an
    operator who weighs 170 pounds, is less than 20 mph.” Public Law No.
    107-319, section 1, 116 Stat. 2776 (2002). The Commission is issuing
    this immediately effective amendment to its requirements for bicycles
    at 16 CFR part 1512 to promptly inform the public of the newly enacted
    statutory requirement on low-speed electric bicycles.

    DATES: This amendment is effective upon publication in the Federal
    Register, that is, on February 12, 2003.”

  9. @Scooter Lady:
    Well, yes…I guess you’re right. Perhaps I COULD change my mind again, and reconsider getting at least a CHEAP electric bike or scooter, try it out, and see that it CAN be a lot of fun, only if I make it that way. A scooter does NOT have to be “boring”…it’s all about our attitude, the way we CHOOSE to look at things. If we make it “boring”, it WILL be boring. But if we make it “exciting”, well, we really CAN make it as exciting as we DARE WANT it to be. That goes not only for scooters, bikes, or anything else on wheels, but also for ANYTHING in life…so, go ahead and go for all the excitement you can handle…LIFE IS TOO SHORT…SO, GO OUT AND PLAY…PLAY HARD! 😉

  10. Electric Scooters and bicycles will be a cost effective tool for most who use them. Either to get somewhere faster than their feet can take them, or take them there, when their feet cannot. Electric Scooters and power assist bicycles are also lots of fun if we like it like that.

  11. @ canoas: So now, Vectrix has some competition! Maybe now, the prices will start to come down–even in TODAY’S sorry economy. Lotsa luck to ya…I hope even MORE companies will jump on the electric scooter/motorcycle bandwagon! 😉

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  13. Thanks, Andrew. It’s great to see that someone “sat up and took notice” of my last post. Right now, as it stands, electric vehicles are too expensive and dangerous for the likes of me. Someday maybe, if I live long enough (I’m 46 years old), electric bikes and scooters will be more enjoyable for me, because they, IMHO, will be so much cheaper and safer. Of course, if I DON’T live long enough….I wonder if people ride scooters and bicycles in Heaven….?! 😉

  14. Great review. Wonder what they have now that it’s been six months since this review was done?

    And Maurice C., its great to see that you’ve made a decision.

  15. I have FINALLY made up my mind….I’m not interested in bikes, scooters, cars, ANYTHING on
    wheels, anymore….it was just a half-baked, foolish dream, and I never
    should have been watching NBC Weatherplus…since that channel is going OFF
    THE AIR pretty soon, anyway. Those scooter and bike things are for people
    who have jobs, and DO have SOMEWHERE to commute to on wheels….I AM
    BUS! I would surely get BORED with a bike…even an electric bike, and end
    up either selling it, or just THROWING IT IN THE TRASH! Maybe God does NOT
    want me on wheels…ever…after all!!! Do you agree? I’m pretty BLESSEDLY
    A BUS!!! That’s the ONLY thing I ever want to ride, from now on! My money
    would be BETTER spent on ELECTRONICS….NOT electric vehicles!!! 😉 Just my
    two cents!

  16. Even though I am getting a regular bike soon, I STILL have a “hankering” for a cheap electric scooter, as well, just to ride around the house, since here in Florida, one needs a driver’s license to ride a scooter ON PUBLIC ROADWAYS….but NOT on “private property,” at least. And so, if I DO get one in the not-too-distant future, I’ll have MORE than one way to have some “fun in the sun!”

  17. great reviews on the different types of electric scooters. I’m a fan of electric scooters as well and I think they’re the best thing in the world as it’s environmentally friendly and friendly to our purse as well.

  18. 25 MPH? Here in Florida, that would legally make the E-Zip Trailz bike a MOPED, which requires a driver license, tag, and registration! To keep it legally a BICYCLE (NO license, tag, or registration), one HAS to keep the bike’s speed UNDER 20 MPH (yes, even while pedalling!). Not only that, the Trailz even has an electronic governor to automatically shut the motor OFF, if the speed exceeds 18 MPH.

  19. This is so helpful. Do you think you can add details about how secure the vehicles are–I mean, what type of anti-theft security these vehicles may have? The electric bikes and scooters–they’re not key-starters, are they? I would love to get one to run errands in, but what would be the point, if someone will steal if if I park it outside the store? Thanks.

  20. Hi there,

    We currently sell some of the cheaper version electric scooters directly from China. Probably can’t compare to the “best electric bikes” of 2008, but definitely worth having a quick look at. Check it out at if you get the chance.

    We are an American trading company based out of China, so we understand the quality needs of the US and other western countries.

    Drop me a line if there is anything there that might be of interest.


  21. We have a machine shop at a very good location for the sale of scooters and electric bikes. We have been at the same location for over 50 years. The traffic cout passing our facility every day is about 25,000. We are looking for a distributor.

  22. great intro … do keep abreast …. NOTA BENE : conspicuous by abscence mention of reliability , maintenance. street legality concerns , insursance status …. again thank you …. mab

  23. Just curious to know, does a hub motor offer better efficiency than the regular DC brushless motors?
    I’m doing research for a scooter conversion and curious to know what type of motor I should buy.
    I live in Taiwan so I know I can get the LiFePO4 here but want to make sure I can find the appropriate motor setup.
    If I could do 60v, I think I could make my old 50cc ICE into a neat machine.

  24. Hi~How are you? I’m Jenny I’m from China I deal with scooters.Are you finding scooters now?Pls send me your enquiry,I will offer you ASAP.



  25. The blurb on the Skeuter Condor was taken from the (horrible) website and the specs were below what I was interested in; however, a scooter club in Santa Monica has upgraded them with lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) and a larger engine – increasing range (>60 miles) and speed (35+) – without breaking the bank like the zap $2000 lithium battery upgrade. There are 2 levels of upgrade, the second 90+ range and 50+ mph. With a scooter club vouching for Skeuter, and seeing the flexibility, I’m interested now even though I live on the east coast.

  26. The reason i think that ZAP has not advertised too much for the ZAPINO is that really there is no need. Demand actually outweighs supply and being the best such product in the market, the scooter does its own marketing by word of mouth.

  27. I’ve been riding a Vectrix for 9 months now, after riding a long list of smaller electric scooters (2000-3000 watt varieties). It’s a dream machine. Expensive, but worth every penny, I’d have to say. I get up to 32-48 miles per charge depending on speed and type of driving. Excellent build quality. If you can spare the dough, there is absolutely nothing better on the market.

  28. Beware of the R-20.

    Unless I’ve got a complete lemon, the build quality is abysmal. All exposed metal shows signs of rust. The trunk snapped off the cheap plastic mount in the middle of an intersection. Range is only 15 miles if you leave the headlight on. The charge indicator has stopped working. Need I go on?

  29. I bought my wife an eGo because her foot problem made walking difficult for the 1.5 miles to work. She loves it, reports that it is a real “guy magnet” and has not had any trouble with it in a year or so of usage.

    One point about these reviews though — simple “top speed” and “top range” estimates are nonsense — you are NOT going to go 60+ miles on the Vectra if you go 60+mph.

    If you can’t get the full curves (speed vs. range) then at least you should settle on some standard speed settings and post the range attained at those (constant) speeds — say, 10 mph, 15 mph, 25 mph (or top speed), 35 mph (or top), and so on.

    The eGo, for example, will definitely take you 20+ miles — but not if you go for 23 mph for long!

  30. Aaron,

    I’m partial to electric bike like the OHM or the eZee because of the great reviews they get performance-wise, and because you can take them on bike paths.

    But eGo does come nicely equipped for the road with lights, fenders and other accessories.


  31. Richard,

    I do think scooters are overpriced in the U.S. (especially compared to prices in Asia). But cost can be offset by the savings gained by replacing a car for short trips.


  32. Excellent overview, did the Powascooter PS168 miss out by much?

    The thing that stops me from switching is the range of these scooters, how long will it be before we manage to get ranges closer to 60-100 miles?

  33. Thanks for this roundup.
    Nice to see so many good choices in terms of low/no-emission transport.
    Any thoughts on the relative utility and value of low-end electric scooters like the eGo versus electric bicycles like the OHM Cycles you profiled last month on MetaEfficient?

    – Aaron Dalton,

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