Sunscreens Without Toxins or Nanoparticles


Conventional sunscreens have a number of ingredients that have been linked to hormone disruption in animal tests and are readily absorbed by skin. Some these ingredients include: parabens, benzophenone, homosalate and octyl-methoxycinnamate. Also, sunscreens containing nanoparticles have come under scrutiny because they may be harmful to human tissue. Nanoparticles are added because they make titanium dioxide and zinc oxide sunscreens more transparent.

There, however, some sunscreens that do not contain nanoparticles or toxic ingredients. Here are some of the safest ones:

Solar Sense Clear Zinc with Green Tea, for Face, SPF 45 received the highest rating from the definitive EWG safety database (Environmental Working Group).

Avalon sunscreens also received some of the highest marks for safety from the EWG, and are all nano- and chemical-free.

EcoLani SPF 15 is free of toxic chemicals, and it contains only titanium dioxide. It’s creator, Dr. Lani Simpson, is outspokenly opposed to the use of nanoparticles in sunscreens ($15/4 oz. bottle).

For more information see the Green Guide’s “Sunscreens: No-No Nano” and “Nano-Sunscreens Part Two“.

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