Sunfrost Refrigerators

Sunfrost refrigerators are the most efficient ones out there.

Here are the specs on a typical model:

Energy Consumption : 585-845 Whr / day (42-58 Amp Hours)
DC, 20 kWh / month, 249 kWh / year
Annual Energy Cost: $21
Capacity: 16 cu. ft.
Dimensions: 62.5″ H, 34.5″ W, 27.75″ D
Weight: 300 lb. (44 cu ft. volume)
Available from: Alternative Energy Store

2 thoughts on “Sunfrost Refrigerators”

  1. You have a significant error in your stats here for this refrigerator/freezer.

    It appears you’re quoting stats for the SunFrost RF16, based on the numbers you provide. But the volume you quote is the SHIPPING volume, not the capacity. The RF16 has 3.91 CF freezer, and 10.4 CF refrigerator space.

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