Stunning Pacific IF Mode Bike Folds Flat, Really Flat

Pacific IF Mode Folding Bike
Pacific IF Mode Folding Bike

The Pacific IF (integrated folding) Mode bike is a sleek combination of efficiency and artistry. Designed by the same people who brought us the Strida bike, the IF Mode features a svelte look without all the clutter of a traditional folding bike. Pacific Cycles has created this bike with the reluctant commuter or reluctant folding bike commuter in mind by eliminating a few of those tiny annoyances that can come with commuting on a standard bike. But if you like to turn heads, the Pacific IF Mode is up for the job.

Pacific IF Mode Folding Bike
Pacific IF Mode Folding Bike

The drive train is completely covered, which means no more chain grease on your pants and no more skirt caught in the chain. The unique Swiss Schlumpf 2 gear drive system is located inside the bottom bracket and you shift by tapping a side button with your heel- left side when you need to tackle a hill, right side when you need to giddy up. With full-sized wheels and an S-shaped frame to absorb shocks, the IF Mode is made to ride like a regular bike. The bike folds quickly and easily and doesn’t have all that unsightly chaos of bike parts that other folding bikes seem to have. At 27 pounds it’s not the lightest commuter you can find, but it can roll on the wheels while folded, like a suitcase. Pacific Cycles has some nice demo videos on YouTube, but we were partial to this one from NYCeWheels:


Pacific Cycles has succeeded in creating a functional, efficient folding bike that would be great for apartment dwellers, on a college campus, or just tooling around town. The IF Mode folding bike does come with a hefty price tag of $2,500, but this may seem modest in comparison to those surging gas prices.

For more see Pacific Cycles and NYCeWheels.

5 thoughts on “Stunning Pacific IF Mode Bike Folds Flat, Really Flat”

  1. I bought the IF MODE and within a week, the paintwork and Pacific decals started peeling off in many different areas. Of course the poor paintwork peeled off the hinge areas albeit extremely quickly but paint also peeled off in unexpected areas. I have tried to speak to Juan who is the UK representative for Pacific Cycles but he seems to always be unavailable. Very poor customer support for a very expensive product. While I am here, I will also mention the gear change is very clunky and does not seem very durable.
    Also, the disk brakes are not very powerful, you can’t tighten them either as this would stop the wheel going round when the bike is folded and pushed along. Quite the glaring oversight. Based on Juans lack of any help whatsoever and the very early problems I am experiencing, I would not advise buying this bike.

  2. I would be willing to purchase a bike like this but, I am a fairly large person, overall, and considering I am over 3m tall and +17.5 stone, there is no way this would safely transport me.

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