Solar Heated Outdoor Shower

Solar Heated Outdoor Shower

This looks interesting — it’s a solar shower that heats 5 1/2 gallons of water with a built-in solar collector.

Created in Europe, the imported shower is able to heat water to 140°F in 1-2 hours in sunny weather. The manufacturer claims that the shower is capable of capturing heat from the ambient temperature in the air on hot, but cloudy days.

It hooks up to a regular garden hose, and allow you to adjust the water temperature from warm to cold (cold water is delivered directly via the garden hose).

It can bolted to wood or cement, and is designed to be unbolted easily for portability.

“Belvisi Solar Shower” available from: Pool Products and other retailers (around $398)

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  1. Be somewhat careful with the selection of garden hose. Many leach unhealthy amounts of lead. I know, we all drank the lead sweetened water from garden hoses as kids and perhaps that explains a lot. But lead free garden hoses are now available and are clearly marked.

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