Soap Berries — A Naturally Soapy Berry That Can Replace Washing Detergent

Soap Berries are naturally soapy berries that can be used as an alternative to detergent.

Also called “Soap Nuts” — they are the sun-dried fruit of Sapindus Trifoliatus trees in south eastern India.

Soap berries shells contain saponin (a natural detergent) and when they come in contact with water they make mild suds. Soap berries could prove more economical than your regular powder — two pounds of Soap Nut shells is enough for around 100 washes. Fabric softener is not needed.

Soap berries are effective cleaners and they have virtually no odor — they have a slight scent of apple cider.

Soap nuts will replace everything that manufactured washing detergents do — for example they do not whiten clothes.

Soap Berries can be found on Amazon.

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  1. Soap nuts are totally non toxic, hypoallergenic, non polluting and cost less than toxic chemical detergents. If you are getting stains from soap nuts it is not from the bag. It is from using whole soap nuts. The seeds must be removed prior to using them. Never buy soap nuts unless they are deseeded. I found the best price anywhere in North America. 1 kilo of deseeded soap nuts for only $26.95. Go to They sell wholesale also.

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    1. If you are using the bags to put the soapnuts in, and you have light colored laundry, you will sometimes see a brown soap mark where the bag is in your laundry after washing. This is because there is so much soap in the particular nuts that what you are seeing is a place where your laundry is touching the soapnuts bag, it will wash out but who wants to redo their laundry right? What I did is make a soapnuts “soak”, basically you make a detergent. I boil 4 cups of water in a small saucepan. Once it starts boiling, I turn off the light and throw in 6-8 soapnuts and put a top on the pan. I leave it for several hours or overnight. The next morning I strain the liquid into an old mason jar with a lid. Voila, laundry detergent, and it won’t leave marks on your clothes.


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  4. I find it sad that so many people who are selling soap nuts use these comment sections to promote their websites and products and not the environmental and personal benefits of using soap nuts as an alternative to synthetic and pertochemical based cleaning products.

    In addition to the positive financial impact to the indigenous people where sapindus trees grow wild, the fact that harvest and packaging has zero carbon or fossil fuel consumption is very rarely noted.

    For people who choose to live a chemical free life (as much as that is possible) natural choices like soap nuts allow us to improve the quality of our own lives, reduce pollution in the world beyond our front doors, protect our families and future generations for cellular anomalies caused by chemical toxicity, and since there is minimal packaging we also reduce the waste we produce and the need to expend fossil fuels to recycle packaging.

    Soap nuts have such far reaching benefits many of which are still underestimated.

    They have given me the opportunity to reduce the toxic chemicals in my home by 90 percent, reduce the waste our home produces by not buying packaged cleaners and detergents.

    Using soap nuts has brought relief to members of my extended family and to friends who suffer from chemical sensitivity and has reduced our household expense by at least 20% immediately. Continued use of them will reduce our expenses more over time because our clothing will last longer, our appliances will last longer, and our health will no doubt continue as our systems detoxify.

    Why don’t we all promote those aspects of soap nuts and try to think on a global scale for this generation and future generations?

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  6. Soap Nuts (Soapnuts) – The Environmental Detergent

    Have you ever thought about all the chemicals that we pour down the drain daily? What impact do they have on our environment? What does this mean for our children’s future? How can we minimize the harmful chemicals we use & save the environment at the same time? Soap Nuts are the answer.

    What are Soap Nuts?

    Soap Nuts are not actually nuts at all, but berries (also known as soap berries) that grow on trees in India & Nepal. They contain high concentrations of saponin, which acts as a natural soap when it comes into contact with water.

    What can I use Soap Nuts for?

    The most common & easiest use of soap nuts is as a laundry detergent. Just place three or four half-shells of soap nuts in a muslin bag (provided with most soap nuts orders) and throw it in with your laundry instead of regular detergent and you are on your way to becoming environmentally friendly. When using soap nuts in your laundry, you do not even need a rinse cycle, thus preventing gallons of water from unnecessarily going down the drain. If you want to expand your soap nuts into a multi-purpose cleaner, simply boil 100 g of soap nuts in 12 cups (3L) of water for 30 minutes. Fish out the shells, throw them in your compost, & you are left with a highly concentrated, natural, liquid detergent. For more applications, visit

    How does the use of Soap Nuts affect Grey Water?

    Soap nuts are antimicrobial. After their detergent goes into the sewer system, it helps break down the grey water into a more usable form. The use of soap nuts actually benefit the environment, rather than hurting it as the harmful chemicals we use do. Because of their unique antimicrobial properties, soap nuts are also used in aid of soil restoration.

    What harmful chemicals are found in my regular laundry detergent?

    Regular laundry detergents may contain any or all of the following:

    Enzymes – Are a skin sensitizer, but may cause dermatitis and allergic reactions
    Sodium Hypochlorite – Causes lung irritations, bronchial or respiratory reactions, cardiovascular damage, as well as eye and skin damage.
    Nonylphenoxy Ethoxylates – Is an edocrine disruptor, and can cause an activation of cellular estrogen receptors (even at low levels) This is implicated in causes of a rise in breast and prostate cancer, infertility issues, a decline in amphibian populations and the reversal / feminization of birds, fish or reptiles.
    Are Soap Nuts Gentle on my skin?

    Yes. Soap nuts contain no chemicals, and are therefore non-allergenic. Many people (myself included) who suffered from eczema and other skin irritations have seen their problems diminish after switching to soap nuts as a laundry detergent.

    How does my Purchase of Soap Nuts affect India & Nepal?

    Your purchase of soap nuts is beneficial to both the economy & environment of India & Nepal. In these two countries, there are many poor people. Because soap nuts are plentiful, they become non-saleable locally. Therefore, soap nut trees become more valuable & marketable as firewood than for the environmentally friendly soap nuts that they grow. When soap nuts are marketed overseas, it employs local residents to harvest them, which in turn, stimulates the economy. At the same time, it makes the trees more valuable living than dead. This helps save our tropical forests.

    Soap Nuts are the Environmental Detergent.

    The use of soap nuts reduces the use of harmful chemicals, helps in restoring our polluted earth, and saves our tropical forests. Isn’t it time you did your part in painting a greener future for our children?

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