Renewable: Sunglasses Made With Castor Bean Oil


The frames of these sunglasses (Dragon Experience Eco) are not made with petroleum.

Instead they are made with Nylon 11, the only commercially successful high volume biopolymer, which is made by polymerizing a split segment of castor bean oil.

The original process was discovered by Nazi chemists looking for a way to make plastics after the Allies cut of their oil supply. After the war, the patents were sold to Dupont, and then later to the French chemical company called Arkema Group.

The lens of sunglasses are not made with a renewable material — they are made with a conventional polycarbonate.

The only other sunglasses made with renewable materials are those made with wood or bamboo.

The E.C.O. launches as part of Rob Machado’s unisex Experience collection, which includes FSC certified packaging and 100% organic cotton bags, printed with water-based ink.

Available from: Amazon for $89.

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