OHM Electric Bikes From Canada

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Based in British Columbia, OHM Cycles make high-end electric bicycles that feature 38V lithium-ion batteries, regenerative braking and powerful BionX motors. The company offers two styles of electric bike: one built for the urban rider, and one suited to rugged terrain.

The OHM Urban has an comfortable, upright riding position. It also features fenders, dual suspension, disc brakes, a chain guard, a rack, and 12V halogen headlights and taillights.

The OHM Sport (below) is built for rugged terrain, and features a larger battery than the Urban.


Both bikes are powered by Moli Energy lithium-ion batteries (38V 9Ah).

They offer both throttle controlled power and pedal assist electrical power. The throttle control is part of the console and easily regulates the power to the rear wheel. The pedal assist control uses a torque sensor to continuously measure the assistance your pedaling provides. Using the 1-4 settings on the console you can adjust how much torque you wish the motor to provide in relation to your own power.

The motor can also provide power to recharge the batteries. Whenever the brakes are applied, the motor slows down the bike and uses the power from braking to recharge the batteries, this is called regenerative braking. On hilly sections or if you want a better workout, you can use the 1-4 settings on the console to adjust the level of recharge power being sent back to the batteries.

The both bikes are available from NYCEWheels.

7 thoughts on “OHM Electric Bikes From Canada”

  1. Okay, OHM got back to me finally and halved the price of the replacement parts. It will now be a great bike for the new owner at less cost for her. Too bad I couldn’t afford to keep it.

  2. After owning one for two years and having the battery die because of an electrical problem, I am dismayed by my experience (even though it has the makings of great bike). A big believer in electric bikes, I will be much more careful now about purchasing one if I ever do again. I tried to contact OHM during the warranty period, but they were difficult to reach, and advised me to hold down the on/off button until the battery reset. Not too long after that, the thing just started dying on me after a short period of riding. Because I had other extremely pressing things going on during the warranty period, I was not able to fight with OHM and figure out how to get my bike back up to Canada. Now to replace the battery I also have to buy a new motor, because they don’t make that one anymore. Even discounted, a (new) dealer in Seattle wants $1500.00 for this. Well, I paid $3000.00 with taxes for this bike already. I had to sell because I couldn’t afford the upgrade. So, be careful. Don’t buy one of these unless you have a dealer nearby to handle warranty issues! (OHM is not getting back to me about this, and I wish they would)

  3. Travis,

    Thanks for the feedback. Electric bikes very efficient commuter vehicles. I promote electric bikes because they allow riders to get to the office without working up a sweat, and they also allow riders to go further, and thus better replace a car, especially if you are towing groceries or children.

    They are also useful for elderly riders, and those who might not be in physical condition to pedal 40 miles a day.

    So basically, electric bikes are a highly efficient option for long commutes or to replace your car in urban areas.


  4. I enjoy most of your bicycle related posts, but am unenthusiastic about the amount of electric bike posts. It seems to me that the drawback of _standard_ bicycles is that they cannot comfortably carry as much, travel as fast, or protect from the elements as well as something like a car (I loved the Bilenky post, especially being from Philly). The limitation does not seem to be that they require human energy to propel them. We can’t keep depending on energy slaves, especially for something that just requires a little effort. Unless it’s just about fun or if the user is physically impared, electric bikes seem like just another “green gadget.” They’re certainly not more efficient; we have plenty of spare human physical energy to go around. Is there something that I am missing?

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