Nikon Introduces Green Binoculars: Ecobins

Nikon's Ecobins: Eco-Friendly Binoculars

Nikon has introduced some new binoculars called Ecobins with some nice green features. The body of the binocular is made with rubber than does not include chloride, toxic inks or dyes. The lens and prisms are made with Nikon’s Eco-Glass™, which is lead- and arsenic-free.

The strap and travel case are made with 100% Tencel, which is produced from sustainable Eucalyptus forests and manufactured with minimal waste.

Ecobins: Green Binoculars

The packaging is also green, being produced from eighty-five percent post-consumer waste and printed on recyclable FiberStone® paper.

Ecobins are available from Amazon for about $170.

Via: Groovy Green

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