Natural Latex Mattresses

Natural Latex Mattresses
Natural Latex Mattresses

VOCs, PBDEs and PVCs. Even if you aren’t quite sure what they are, chances are pretty good you’d rather not be sleeping with them. If you have a conventional mattress, made from polyurethane foam and non-organic fibers, you’re spending half your life in bed that emits a chemical cloud.

In fact, thanks to a 1973 U.S. law requiring mattresses to resist cigarette ignition, fire-retardant PBDEs, a brother of PCBs, which cause immune suppression and cancer, among other things, are sprayed on conventional mattresses. According to The Complete Organic Pregnancy, women in the United States, where PBDEs are still used, have 66 times the amount of the harmful chemical in their breast milk than women in Sweden, where the use of the substances are banned.

If you’re not in the market for a new mattress, consider getting an organic topper for your mattress such as the ones reviewed by Justin. If you are mattress shopping, consider buying a mattress made from organic cotton and swap VOC-rich polyurethane for natural talalay latex. Natural latex is a biodegradable, easy to produce, natural substance that resists allergens and dust mites. For a line-up of great latex mattresses that will clean up your bedroom, keep reading.

Posture Select Organic Cotton-Natural Talalay Latex Green Mattress

Posture Select Organic Cotton Natural Talalay Latex Green Mattress
Natural Latex Mattresses: Posture Select Organic Cotton Natural Talalay Latex Green Mattress

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort and trying your hardest to keep away from chemicals and pesticides that can make you sick, the Posture Select Organic Cotton-Natural Talalay Latex Green Matress is a perfect choice.

The 100% Natural Latex core is topped with 9 inches of organic cotton quilted to one inch of natural shasta wool. Plus, if you aren’t totally happy with the way your mattress sleeps after 90 days, Posture Select will ship you different latex cores to try to accommodate your particular soft or firmness needs. If they can’t, they’ll give you your money back. Not a bad deal.

You can purchase this green mattress from Amazon for $1999 for a double and $2499 for a king.

100% Latex Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover

latex organic mattress
Natural Latex Mattresses: 100% Latex Mattress

Get a similar mattress with a slightly lower price tag with this 100% Latex Mattress with Organic Cotton Cover. Made of natural Sri Lankan talalay latex with absolutely no chemical dyes, pesticides, bleach, carcinogenic adhesives or fire retardants, this mattress offers medium-firm support. Plus, it’s soft, comfortable and shock absorbing.

You can be sleeping in purity and comfort in no time with this mattress available from Amazon for $1599 for a King and $899 for a twin.

Natura Natural Latex Eco Brilliance Organic Mattress

Natura Natural Latex Eco Brilliance Organic Mattress
Natural Latex Mattresses: Natura Natural Latex Eco Brilliance Organic Mattress

The Natura Natural Latex Eco Brilliance Organic Mattress’ organic Natura Grow Wool offers an allergen-free and fire-resistant mattress choice. With a 6” natural latex core and organic cotton sateen cover, you’ll get a great night’s sleep that doesn’t necessitate detoxing afterwards. The ultra-plush cushion top is removable if you want a firmer feel.

This mattress is available from Amazon for $3359 for the full. Other sizes are available as well.

Nature’s Finest Liberty 75-D Natural Latex Mattress

Nature's Finest Liberty 75-D Natural Latex Mattress
Natural Latex Mattress: Nature's Finest Liberty 75-D Natural Latex Mattress

If you prefer a medium soft mattress, the Nature’s Finest Liberty 75-D Latex Mattress is a certified organic choice. The Eco Latex is made to shift back into position as you change yours and the organic wool and organic cotton muslin topper offer cushion on top.

This mattress is available at The Organic Mattress Store for $1320-$2340.

Essentia Classic Latex Mattress

Essentia Classic Mattress
Natural Latex Mattresses: Essentia Classic Mattress

Made with Hevea Milk, Dunlop 100% natural latex, organic essential oils, natural plant extracts and natural liquid latex, if you’re looking for chemical-free quality, no one takes the earth and your health more seriously than Essentia. The Essentia Classic Latex Mattress is made from the only Natural Memory Foam on the market and allergy-free latex. The pressure-point relieving mattress is VOC free and has no chemical offgassing.

The Essentia Classic is available in a variety of sizes at My Essentia.

4 thoughts on “Natural Latex Mattresses”

  1. I bought an natural latex mattress with wool & organic cotton cover and it’s great! The firm/springy feeling is something you don’t feel in the petro derived conventional mattresses. It was only $1000 because I bought it from the factory.

  2. I recently got a latex mattress and I love it. It’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had.

    It’s 100% organic latex, with organic cotton covering and organic wool for fire resistance. I got it from PJs Sleep Company ( in Los Angeles, which I highly recommend to anyone in southern California.

    I have their firm organic latex mattress:

    It’s very firm, which is great for me because that’s what I prefer to sleep on. They also have a squishy non-firm version for people who like soft beds. (And they also have inner spring mattresses with organic cotton/wool covering, if you prefer springs, as well as coil/latex combos.) They even have an organic crib mattress.

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