8 thoughts on “On Meta-Optimization”

  1. I like the website, and I originally liked where you were going with that string … until I read your response to the detractor. Now I see the translation: “It’s hard not to be pretentious when you’re pretentious.”

    1. Michael, I don’t know really how to tell you this…without sounding pretentious…but I’m meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-meta-smart.

  2. Love the design imaging statements. Huge fan of yours anyhow, always glad to detect the Zen of it all.

    Have you in our blogrolls ( ctngreen.com/news etc ) would be honored to be in your blogroll.

    regards & respect

    Jeff Johnson

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