Looptworks: Products Made Of 100% “Excess” Material

Loopworks Laptop Case: 100% Reclaimed Materials
Looptworks Hoptu Laptop Sleeve

I’ve been testing some Looptwork products, and they are amazing. Here’s why: the company makes all their products from 100% industrial “excess” materials. That means every zipper, button and thread used in their designs was about to be thrown out. For example, the Hoptu Laptop Sleeve shown above is made with 100% upcycled nylon neoprene which was recovered from a wetsuit factory. All Looptwork products are limited edition runs. This is because production only continues until the reclaimed material runs out, as explained in the Looptworks FAQ:

We never know how much of any one material we’ll find. But we use what we find until it runs out. Production runs go as low as 100 pieces and up to 500, and each garment is hand numbered by either color or style. It’s a reminder that when you buy a LooptWorks product you get a one of a kind item, literally preventing the materials used to make it from going into a landfill.

Looptworks also offers a collection of men’s and women’s clothes. The Men’s Kawasan Jacket shown below is made of 61% organic cotton and 39% cotton canvas recovered fabric. It sells for $95.

Looptworks Kawasan Jacket: 100% Reclaimed Material
Looptworks Kawasan Jacket

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