New Longtail Utility Bike: The Madsen kg271

Madsen Cargo / Utility Bike

Madsen Longtail Bike

Here’s a rare find — a new longtail bike. This bike is called the kg271, and it’s made by Madsen Cycles. They describe the bike as an “urban utility bike”. It comes in two versions: one with a rack built with oversized steel tubing, and another version with a bucket that incorporates a removable seat and two seatbelts.

The bikes are available directly from Madsen for $1099 (for the rack version) and $1299 (for the bucket version).

See an in-depth review of the Madsen k271 at Tot Cycle. Here’s an excerpt:

They nailed the handling here. Easier to hop on and ride than a bakfiets, which has a bit of a learning curve, and similar in feel to a longtail, but with the advantage of a 20-inch rear wheel for lower load and more sturdy wheel. Unloaded and heavily loaded, it’s got a nice, stable, swoopy ride

Madsen k271 Cargo Bike With Bucket

7 thoughts on “New Longtail Utility Bike: The Madsen kg271”

  1. It seems oddly inefficient to have to carry two different size tubes to fix flats.
    Trek boned this same idea with their 69er mountain bike. Anyone out there know how to find a 20 inch wheel cargo bike? Something kind of quality?

  2. Who would use it?

    The version without the bucket would, with appropriate bags, racks, etc, use it to transport all sorts of goods that would never fit on and ordinary bicycle.

    The version with the bucket is made primarily for passengers (children or smallish adults).

  3. These longtail bikes look useful – although (let’s admit it), a little dorky.

    Does anyone have experience riding one? Are they much harder to maneuver than a regular bike?

    Also, it would be great if some made a longtail e-bike — the extra power would surely come in handy for carrying heavy loads.

    – Aaron Dalton, Editor,

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