Hand-Crafted Recreational Vehicles

Tonke Campers are hand-built RVs that are now being sold in the Netherlands. The Campers are a distinct contrast to the mass-produced plastic RVs that are so common in this country (although the market for these RVs is actually plummeting). Tonke Campers are inspired by gypsy caravans, and the classic yachts created by Dutch boatbuilders in the 1920s. They have beautiful mahogany fittings and teak floors (unfortunately this wood seldom comes from sustainable sources). The windows are made with safety glass (not molded plastic) and are clean and bright.

They also incorporate built-in showers and efficient vacuum toilets.

SQUOB reports:

Although the Tonke is hand-built, it is not astronomically expensive. Prices start at €69,800 ($95,000) for the two-berth Explorer and top out at €85,017 ($115,000) for the Fieldsleeper. If you buy direct from the company there’s a substantial discount on these figures, and you get a thorough warranty covering various parts from two to six years.

Via: SQUOB — thanks for the tip Chris.

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