Gel Cell Batteries

Gel Cell batteries are also lead acid but the electrolyte
is in gelatin form instead of liquid. Thus, they need no maintenance — water
does not need to be added, and it doesn’t corrode. They can also be stored
in any position and since there are no dangerous fumes, they can be placed
in any part of the house. It will not freeze (when fully charged, it can
function in -30C or -20F). These batteries are ideal for part-time dwellings
where they can be left unattended for long periods of time. Its drawbacks
include the following:

  • Delivers only about 200-500 full charge-discharge
  • Three times more expensive than wet lead acid batteries
  • Even in a well-maintained
    system, life expectancy is shorter than that of wet lead acid batteries

Good Brand of Gel Cell: Universal Battery

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