eZee Electric Bikes: Great Performance and Affordability

eZee’s Torq II electric bike.

A to B Magazine is a comprehensive electric bike review magazine published in the U.K. Here’s their electric bike review page, where bikes are rated on a five star scale. Unfortunately, all of their 5 star bikes are only available in Europe. One brand that got a 4 star rating is the eZee electric bike range from South Africa, and these bikes are available in the U.S. from NYCEWheels.

According to the 50Cycles and A To B, eZee produces reliable bikes with great performance and price. Here are some of their current offerings:

The most affordable eZee bike is the Liv (seen above).  This lightweight bike lacks the power and top speed of some of its eZee siblings, but makes up for it with its superb range and affordability. This bike costs around $1,150 and is suited to the commuter or recreational rider who wants help with hills, but with no desire to cruise at 18mph or race up steep hills. It’s available from NYCEWheels for $1400.

The eZee Torq II was just released, and while it looks very similar to a conventional bike, it is one of the fastest and best hill-climbing electric bikes available. Richard Peace made the eZee Torq his Pick of the Year in the January 2007 issue of Cycling Plus magazine. You can read an in-depth review of this bike here and here. It’s available from NYCEWheels for $1,750.

The Forza is a high-end bike from eZee. Like the Torq, the Forza is one of the fastest and best performing bikes in mainstream production. Lightweight Lithium batteries give it a range of 20 to 30 miles. With suspension forks, puncture resistant tires and disc/hydraulic brakes, this is an all-surface bike that’s great for everything from commuting to touring. It’s available from NYCEWheels for $2200.

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  1. I agree.. You really cannot beat the ampedbikes.com e-bike conversion kit. They are in my opinion the best kit out there. I commute daily on mine.

    I bought mine because of the spring sale they are having. At $320 VS my bionx at $1400 The amped kit has about 2x the power and is much smoother.

    Gooo Amped! and thx for a great product!


  2. There are several well designed quality electric bikes now in production but the best brand of the bunch, in my opinion, are the eZee models. Value for price is excellent relative to the other bikes we have seen.

    The quality is excellent, they are using the latest technology (e.g. Although “Lithium Ion” batteries are considered to the best power source by most, eZee which had used Lithium Ion, has now gone to the new “Lithium Polymer” which delivers better performance, equal battery life, yet weighs approx. 35% less.

    My wife and I have just purchased two of them; the “eZee Cadence” for myself and the “eZee Slope Step Thru” model for her. Both are of similar weight and performance. We have put many miles on them and couldn’t be any more pleased with our investment.

    The Ezee’s offer the choice of three modes of operation 1. pedal only, 2. throttle controlled electric motor power assist while pedaling, and 3. throttle controlled electric motor power only. The top speed is 20 MPH with a range of 20 to 30 miles dependent on rider weight and the terrain.

    Many “hardcore” bicyclist like to knock the electric bikes and I understand their philosophy, but for the remaining 95% of us who are out to get exersize while enjoying nature and the great outdoors, (while not concerning ourselves with elapsed times )these bikes are ideal. How many of you have ruled out a particular path or road because of an extra steep or long hill. With these bikes you can choose to pedal the hill using just enough power assist to allow you to make it to the top.

    We got our bikes at “Electric Bikes LA” in El Segundo, CA. 310-640-2453


  3. All the best Electric bike seem to be sold only in America and Canada . Why is this? has any American or Canadian company exported any of these Bikes to the UK? If so which ? and where are their UK outlets ? I and many hundreds of eager buyers await your answer

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