Experiments I’m Currently Running In The MetaEfficient Labs

These are some metaefficient experiments I’m currently running:

  • Testing the creation of a field of east coast wildflowers (adjacent to the entrance to the labs)
  • Creating a collection of the ten hottest peppers in the world (in the greenhouse)
  • Growing microherbs in a continuous rotation (on the rear deck of the labs)
  • Growing a collection native forest medical plants (in the greenhouse)
  • Trying out numbing pepper berries such as szechuan, sansho and grains of paradise
  • Testing of very hot chile powders such as the Carolina Reaper
  • Testing effervescent substances like culinary crystals (popping sugar) and carbonated effervescent powders
  • Testing various natural substances that create taste illusions (such as miracle berry)
  • Trying out little-known American flavors such as pawpaw and juneberry
  • Sampling a range of spices and fruits from Australia
  • Creating an indoor “urban jungle” and testing difference in indoor air quality
  • Researching methods of customizing search engines to improve search results
  • Participating in a motivation system for an exercise challenge with five friends
  • Researching best exercise techniques (those that can be done anywhere and are effective)
  • Devising a new challenge/gaming system where the rules constantly change and split decision making is required — codename “mercurial”
  • Researching portable floating platforms for use in a lake

Updates on these projects will appear on this site.

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