Efficient Sleep Sacks for Travelers

Sleep sacks are lightweight sheets for travelers that pack into a very small space. They provide a clean “cocoon” to sleep inside, when your bedding is questionable. Many European hostels actually require that you bring one along. In warm weather, you can also use sleep sacks as replacements for sleeping bags. The healthiest sleep sack we’ve found is this undyed Cocoon TravelSheet made with 100% silk. It is priced at $50.

Cocoon also makes a Seacell TravelSheet which is 50% silk, 35% cotton and 15% seaweed. It’s priced at $75. The seaweed is supposed to benefit your skin — you can read more about Seacell in this previous post.

If you need something larger, DreamSacks makes double, queen and king-sized silk sleep sacks.

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