Efficient Material of the Year: Bamboo

l16091.jpgWell, this year bamboo takes the prize as efficient material of the year. We’ve got to hand it to the grass that is showing us yet another side of its efficiency. Since bamboo products are still sometimes difficult to locate, we had to track down these items from a number of different sources.

First on the list, are two bamboo blankets that we hadn’t seen before: the Perfection blanket and throw.

We found some more bamboo blankets from Empress Silk.

Bed, Bath and Beyond recently started carrying some sheets and pillowcases. You can also get baby crib sheets from a company called Bamboosa.

For the bathroom, there’s towels, more towels, and 40% bamboo towels from Sears, and some washcloths.

For the kitchen there’s cutting boards, table linen, bowls and a knife block.

You can find bamboo fiber clothing here and here, some socks here, and some clothing for golfers here.

4 thoughts on “Efficient Material of the Year: Bamboo”

  1. I think Piers was saying that certain species of bamboo, when unchecked, can devastate local ecosystems. I mean, my neighbor planted some and it was a battle to keep it out of my yard and the guy next door. Yes bamboo has some great pluses but there are also some minuses. Introducing non-native plants to an area is not a natural process and is something we should be careful doing.

  2. Piers,

    What bamboo bandwagon? Hardly anyone knows about bamboo fiber. A bamboo bandwagon would be quite efficient though – I’d like to take a ride on one.

    I have no idea why yoou would say a plant is “the most damaging on the planet”. Most people still divide plants into “weeds” and “natives” in their minds unfortunately. Bamboo is native plant on almost every continent too. If you look at the history of the world you’ll see that plant populated new regions as invasive species all the time — its a natural process.


  3. Hang on a second. Let’s not jump on the Bamboo band wagon too quickly. Bamboo is also one of the most environmentally damaging plants on the planet too. Introduced and unmanaged to regions where it has no natural predator Bamboo can destroy the local eco-system. Huge areas of Florida are under attack from bamboo. Your readers should be aware of where the bamboo for the products you highlight are grown.

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