Eco-Effective: Mineral Silicate Paints

Mineral Silicate PaintsMineral silicate paints are non-toxic, odorless, vapor-permeable, naturally resistant to fungi and algae, non-combustible, light-reflective, resistant to acid rain, and extremely durable.

Mineral silicate paints were invented in Bavaria (Germany) in 1878 by Keim Mineral Systems, which now based in the USA.

The binder is potassium silicate dissolved in water (also known as “waterglass”).

Natural earth oxides are “petrified” with the silicate to create “liquid stone.” Durability in excess of 100 years has been reported, according to Keim.

They are intended to be used on plaster, concrete, and other mineral surfaces — not suitable for wood, metal, or any flexible surface.

Available from: Keim Mineral Systems

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