Ultrafine Yak Wool Clothing: Efficient

Yak Wool Jacket

Khunu is a start-up company that aims to be the first to bring yak wool clothing to the global market. They offer a range of athletic clothing that is made with 100% Himalayan yak wool. What are the advantages of yak wool? Khunu says that independent lab tests have shown yak wool to be 10-15% warmer than merino wool of Australia and New Zealand. They claim the wool has a luxurious hand feel which is comparable to cashmere, because only the ultrafine down fibers of the wool are used.

The yaks are usually raised by nomadic Tibetan and Mongolian families. Their wool is combed (not shorn) once per year in the springtime when the animals shed their winter coat. See more information here.

Currently, Khunu is offering a limited number of items from their web site, until their formal launch in September 2010.

A Yak: The Creature With The Warmest Wool
The Yak: The Creature With The Warm Wool

Website: Khunu

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