Bikes + Spring: Efficient


The most efficient land vehicle goes well with spring.

Bikes For The Rest Of Us is a web log that reviews classic bikes and bikes “that you can hop onto at any moment without putting on spandex or special cleats”.


They go on to say:

We need bikes with wider, more comfortable seats. (The kind that don’t exert pressure where youโ€™re most sensitive, increasing the likelihood of erectile dysfunction among male riders).

We need bikes that can carry stuff.

We need bikes that are fun to ride.

We need bikes with function and style.





Images via: Atalina, Bike Rubbish and Copenhagen Cycle Chic

6 thoughts on “Bikes + Spring: Efficient”

  1. Pretty girls and durable omafiets…the joys of summer. I’ll second The Sartorialist comment…great photos, quite a few with bicycles.

    Regarding helmets, I absolutely hate them. Riding in DC it might be a death wish, but I ride 2 or 3 times a week with no equipment, typically in a suit in dense areas downtown. Traffic tends to give ample space and sometimes honks with a thumbsup. I never feel unsafe, and take my time, follow most rules, and watch for speeders that might not see me. John Stossel’s “special report” showed similar occurences…drivers don’t want to hit the idiot on the bike without a helmet, because America is such a paranoid culture these days.

    Every day there seems to be more bikes on our roads. Hopefully in time, there’ll be absolutely no need for helmets and road-racer gear. Our city-bike rental program is also starting soon, so the more bikes the better. Get out there and ride.

  2. I love bikes, they are nice, clean and your health see the benefits. Very often where I live you go out on a bike to become a legend… you never come back ๐Ÿ™ the transit is not so kind.

  3. All mentioned above plus more road safety. It is quite suicidal/lethal in London, Uk to use a bike on the road. Truly scary experience, even though, there is nothing better than using a bike in a spring time.

  4. I think this idea is great, bringing more bikes to people is always good. My beef is with the photo shoot that was done, it doesn’t show anybody wearing a helmet and showing that kid riding in the side of the xtracycle bag is absolutely dangerous. I would never let my kid ride like that, always in a trailer with a helmet. Just thought I’d point that out. It’s great to bring bikes to the widest audience as possible.

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