Women’s Comfort Bikes Under $500

Best Women's Comfort Bikes Under $500
Best Women's Comfort Bikes Under $500

Nothing takes you back to childhood more than hopping on a bike. Now that you’re more interested in a comfortable ride than beating your little brother to the end of the driveway, though, your old 10-speed might not cut it. Fortunately, there are a number of bikes on the market — for less than $500 — that make getting where you’re going more comfortable and stylish than ever.

Schwinn Coronado Women’s Comfort Bike

Scwhinn Coronado Women's Comfort Bike (26-inch Wheels)
Best Women's Comfort Bikes Under $500: Scwhinn Coronado Women's Comfort Bike

While it’s certainly not the newest, fanciest name on the block, there’s something comforting about going old school with a Schwinn, especially if it’s the Schwinn Coronado Women’s Comfort Bike (26-Inch Wheels). If you’ve been around since 1895 like Schwinn has, you’ve probably learned a thing or two about making a great bike.

And the Coronado proves that. With a memory foam, super soft saddle, an aluminum comfort frame and an SR M2000 suspension fork, this bike absorbs shock and cushions your body for rides around town or down a bike trail. Even on the most relaxing cruises, though, sometimes we do hit a hill, which makes the Schwinn’s 21-speed grip shifters a real plus.

Want to leave this baby at the beach? Not a problem. It’s rustproof and made to handle any terrain. Plus, it’s a girly, but not too girly, baby blue so you’ll look good cruising downtown.

Out of 8 customer reviews on Amazon, only one person was dissatisfied with this bike, and Buzillions raters gave the bike a full 5 stars, calling it “an extremely pleasing ride.” And isn’t that, after all, what we are looking for in a comfort bike?

This one can be yours for the bargain price of $215.66 at Amazon. Or, if you’re more of a pink gal, pick it up at Sears for around $240.

Diamondback Serene Women’s Comfort Bike

Diamondback Serene Women's Comfort Bike
Best Women's Comfort Bikes Under $500: Diamondback Serene Women's Comfort Bike

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, no one has taken your needs into consideration more than designers of the Diamondback Serene Women’s Comfort Bike. By tilting the seat back on this bike, designers create a more comfortable riding experience that is easier on the knees, both during the ride and on the mount and dismount.

In addition, everything on the Diamondback, from the seat to the handle grips, was designed with comfort in mind. Designers did not, however, forget the importance of maneuverability and handling. That’s where the heat-treated aluminum frame and positioning of the head tube come into play.

With seven speeds and 26-inch puncture-resistant tires, this bike is popular with riders, receiving 5-star reviews from Buzzillions raters and Amazon reviewers.

It can be purchased from Amazon for $299.99.

Electra Women’s Townie Original 21D

Women's Electra Townie Bike

An upright ride that won’t strain your neck and back, an ergonomic saddle with shock-absorbing elastomers and linear pull brakes for smoother deceleration are only a few of the things that make the Electra Women’s Townie Original 21D one of the premier women’s comfort bikes on the market.

Plus, its stylish retro frame—made of non-retro lightweight aluminum—will ensure that you look cool while cruising around town.

Reviewers at Road Bike Review love this bike’s smooth, comfortable ride and praise its quality construction. If you are someone who rides every day, this is bike that can hold up its end of the bargain.

The Electra Townie can be purchased in a stunning blue pearl at REI, where it received 5-star reviews, for $479.00.

Raleigh Detour 4.5 Step-Through Women’s Bike

Raleigh Detour 4.5 Step-Through Women's Bike
Best Women's Comfort Bikes Under $500: Raleigh Detour 4.5 Step-Through Women's Bike

If you are looking for a bike than can easily transition from gravel to road — even if you’re in your flip flops — then the Raleigh Detour 4.5 is the bike for you. Platform pedals make this bike easy to pedal in any shoe, while Shimano EZ-Fire shifters make it effortless to transition among all of the Detour’s 24 gears.

With an adjustable suspension seat post and Tektro V-Brakes for smooth deceleration, the Detour is a comfort bike that’s very, well, comfortable.

REI reviewers gave this bike five stars. It can be purchased for $449.00 at REI.

For more great women’s bikes, check out Justin’s review of the best women’s cruiser bikes.

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